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  1. for all you self-righteous rocket scientist politician hypocrites who'd never take the time to read my heavily abridged testimony, maybe GOOGLE: "EndoCannabinoid" and LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF before your so fast to take away my liberty.

    What really sucks is I'm a born Texan, and now because of their pending vote which we're all waiting on and yet I already know the outcome of, I have to move out of state because you politicians are to self-absorbed with your "career" to break the status-quo by going out on a limb for every veteran, cop, fireman, abused housewife, and raped daughter along with countless others suffering of PTSD, physical pain & chronic health.

    People who's shoes you politicians couldn't even walk in for a day, let alone the last 20 years of my life, all the while knowing no one cares, that crap gets real old … Followed by nearly everyone saying I can't believe 22 veterans are choosing to kill themselves daily…



    [email protected]yahoo.com
    … 22 a day … yesterday
    … 22 a day … today
    … 22 a day … tomorrow

    * 22 Texas veterans will take their life today – Cannabis is an effective relief from the many symptoms of PTSD & Chronic Health.

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