TEDxTerryTalks – Laura Bain – Living with Bipolar Type II

Laura Bain speaks about living with Bipolar Type II Disorder, the trials and tribulations, but also how it informs her vibrant character and wonderful sense of …


  1. This made me cry today. Because you are me. After 35 years it now makes sense and I can talk and share through your words.
    But….as I’m manic today🤪😂 I am now a Ted Bi Polar speaker! 😂😂😂 but maybe tomorrow I’ll be that shivering new born that’s frightened of everything.?

  2. I love someone who struggles every day and all I can do is love her. I can't relate, imagine or pretend I understand, I just will be there for her. That seems silly to some but I love her.

  3. I’m bipolar 1 and rapid cycle too. Listening to her, hit me so hard. It was like she was talking about me. Sometimes being bipolar makes me feel incredibly alone. Like no one else understands my broken brain. I have severe anxiety, insomnia, PTSD and mild ocd. Once some ppl know, they never treat me the same. I’m not going to snap, and I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone besides myself. I wish I could personally thank Laura for having the courage to get up on that stage to spread some awareness.

  4. Good to know that I'm not alone. The lady looks so beautiful, but I can see the sadness behind. So many people tell I'm handsome but it gives me little joy considering the weight of the bipolar condition.

  5. I was just diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My family has a history of mental illness, most are labeled as depressed but there have been multiple suicides in my family. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that your not crazy and other people understand what your going through.

  6. So you have it? I 'm not familiar with any issues of mental illnesses. The opposite is more likely the truth. I am being scrutinised, though. Until
    The mean fall prey to their own tricks. I have a lovely British daughter. I am 'legless ' for the time being,due to a terrible hoax n crime. A surgery would be needed.

  7. I think, by nature, human are bipolar. Dualism in human is innate. It's only when you don't have balance that's where it gets what the experts call, disorder. But I think, bipolar can be controled naturally and that's what experts should show people how to do and not prescribe drugs right away.

  8. Btw manic episodes aren't always "highs" I experiences days where I feel super happy…but more often than not, when I don't feel depressed I feel irritable, and just angry for no reason.

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