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Join us talking about the benefits of CBD with Just CBD Gummies! Get them here: See more of Mike Here: …


  1. Awesome video. I just started using CBD last week and I can already tell a huge difference. Helps with so many things. I'm using pure CBD pre filled cartridges(300mg)

  2. I'm a big fan of cbd and i have tried " JUSTCBD GUMMIES " the work great for me. Love their products but a little pricey from their web site. I also paid $49.95 + tax at a local tobacco shop. How do i get the $40. Price on their web site ? Is there a code ?

  3. Great vid as always. I use a CBD oil and micro dose hash every morning and evening for nerve and disc pain and its amazing. Pharma free thanks to cannabinoids 🙂 keep up the excellent work

  4. Hi Miss Sunshine Stoner Girl and Mike: ) Awesome vidio Y'all : ) yes And is my friend and I have found that THC helps as well 4 MS : ) and all that your High stuff just means I'm medicated : ) really Mike : )

  5. got my gramds to join my mother n I on the cbd train i pick up a 20 to 1 cbd crystalline at 20 to 25 a g usually between 2 to 4 percent thc to the 96 to 99.6 percent of cbd awesome meds from female cannabis. i plan on visiting Oregon and Washington here in the next two weeks be by Portland, Oregon and some southern cities along the southern area of Washington at this point i am a full on oil smoker been like that for years do you guys have spots that i can get 10 to 15 dollar grams of Quality wax repeat quality no dirty BHO. I usually get a quarter slab of shatter at 70 a quarter Clean Nug runs or small popcorn runs, a gram of diamonds at 35 to 30 and good dry sift rosins around 15 regular rosin can be even cheaper just dont want to be blind struck by high prices ill fedangle a way and bring up a half zip of oil if needed if you dont got close to those prices please let a stoner know the shop my uncle visits has amazing deals on good flower, but astronomically higher wax prices thoughts from a native would be nice?

  6. yo, i am not a regular to this channel, i was guided here from an IndoorSmokers video.
    let me point out that my intention is not to scare or stress anyone out. what i want is for people to have access to the knowledge of safe cbd use.

    a neighbor recently made me a print out detailing important (in my opinion) information about hemp derived CBD.
    here are a few of the points this print out made:
    1. hemp is a bio-accumulator (roughly meaning that it draws toxins, and possibly good things as well, out of the soil it is planted and grown in and the environment in general).
    2. a LARGE amount of industrial hemp is needed to produce even small amounts of CBD as it is typically low in Cannabinoid content.
    3. due to these two facts, products derived from industrial hemp are liable to contain unhealthy amounts of certain elements unfit to ingest or absorb through topical application.
    4. outside of the United States industrial hemp is often poorly regulated and, even in the US, may well be Genetically Modified (which is not inherently a bad thing, but, again, i want people to have the option of applying this information to their decision making processes). these products may also contain Trans-fats and other, possibly harmful, additives.

    once more, i want to state that i am not trying to worry people. all that i want is for people to have the option to make good, healthy choices.

    in conclusion: i would like to encourage people to seek out products derived from organically grown Cannabis plants. i have read that extracts containing a combination of CBD and THC are desirable due to a bioavailability (usable by our bodies) boost. even an insignificant amount of THC is preferable over straight CBD as it activates the Cannabinoid Receptors in our bodies. these are only things i have read online from fairly reputable sources imo. everyone is free to take this information and apply it to their decision making processes or leave it (as i do not have the sources for this info readily available). also, i suggest that each person does their own research to find out what is best for them!

    thank you for reading this! <3 xoxo
    peace love unity respect and responsibility=PLURR

  7. Awesome video! I actually give my dog CBD for his seizures. He used to get seizures every day. We talked to a couple of friends and they told me about CBD for dogs. I gave him CBD dog treats for a week and to this day hasn't have anymore.

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