Responding to Comments #12 | Public Speaking, Birth Control & Chin Fat

We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell …


  1. Dr mike i have a "slight" scoliosis which means my spinal is not TOO curved, is there anything "not to do"? because im really scared that it will get worst when i do something.

    Rip english xoxo

  2. do you have yet to experience the situation where you’re in a public atmosphere and someone has a medical emergency and when someone yells “is there a doctor here?!” you get to yell “I’M a doctor!” and if not, are you looking forward to it and see it as a pivotal moment in your lifelong career of medicine ?

  3. Could you talk about donating blood? Im having an appointment in a couple of weeks for donating blood and I wondered if you have ever donated? I think that is such an important topic

  4. My sister told me that our whole family had to take a tdap vaccine because she's almost nine months pregnant. She also said that we had to be away from the baby for at least two weeks after the vaccine. When I told my 50 something roommate about this, he said he's never heard of that in his life. What is going on here?

  5. I don't know that how does it sound, but the one of reasons why I watch and like your videos, not only just you are handsome, but also you are always speaking very cleary and pronunciate correctly. and these facts are literally make your voice as music to my ear. When I hear your speaking, it makes me feel relaxed. I'm not a native English speaker,(I assume you already noticed it-) Well, I hope that you would accept this compliment as happily as when someone you called sexy. I usually don't understand other English speakers speaking same as when you speaking. xx. Good night.

  6. QUESTION: I was on depo provera for about 8 years and read that not enough data was available regarding the long term affects (more than 5 years) and it freaked me out so i stopped it and got onto another bc. Do you know of the long term affects? During those 8 years, I never had a period…obviously unnatural, but it was a side effect…should i still be worried that the injection f*cked me up?

  7. Hi Doctor Mike ..! How to prevent gritted teeth during sleep.. coz its so shame when u sleep someone and your teeth is so noise and disturbing.. i hope u read this and can advise me.😊😊😊 thank u..!

  8. Dr.Mike…PLEASE PLEASE and again PLEASE don't collab with Manny Mua…it is not a good idea trust me..i personally don't necessarily hate him but I've seen what happened between him and the people he collabed with before and i don't wanna see that happen to you cause you are the best youtuber I've ever seen..xoxo,Sana

  9. Hi doc hope you having a great day.
    I'm 19 years old and have been playing taekwondo since I was 5 and I have noticed that my heart rate increases temporary whenever I'm getting checked by my doctor, is it a is it phycological thing or?
    Huge fan of your work

  10. Hey Doc! I have a serious problem. Every time I travel on public transport I get really motion sick, I cant be in a bus or train for even 5 minutes without feeling sick, its the worst on planes, it gets so bad that I throw up constantly, and start having panic attacks because of how bad I feel. I have tried travel calming medication, sleeping pills, chewing gum and ginger candies but nothing works. Is there anything that you can recommend or have any knowledge to stop this? Thanks (:

  11. Hi doctor Mike! I’m a nurse and I feel doctors over explain me some really simple procedures and other times they just assume I know some really complex procedures or just think I can read their mind and know they want me to do next. I feel that’s rude.. Bro, why do you do this?! we’re a team!

  12. Dr Mike, I have a spider vein on the left side of my nose, I’ve had it since I was a kid (I’m now 21 years old), never had any other spider veins but all of a sudden today I noticed the right side of my nose was sore, so I look in the mirror and I can see another spider vein forming! Why does this happen and why now?

  13. My husband and I have two very different thoughts on germs. His family will eat cooked food that had been in the fridge for a week and reheated multiple times. He will eat food off the floor and just pull the pet hair off first (5 second rule). I know I have anxiety problems to start with, so am I just being paranoid or is this not safe? Help!

  14. I've been dealing with anemia(not the severe one). the doctor prescribed me with medicine that contain Iron and stuff but it gave me side effects like vomit, diarrhoea and affects my school life so I don't take them anymore. I also been dealing with bulimia and my breathing problems are getting worse. I can't go to psychologist or talk about it in my family.

  15. I'm coming to you on an alias account because I'm a popular Youtuber. I want to know – I had mumps as a child. I'm infertile. I'm in my 40's now. I've tried so hard for children, I can't have them. My time is up now, I feel. What is the possibility that having mumps as a child made me infertile? Here's the kicker – my brother also had the mumps at the same time, he now has 2 beautiful kids (in the last 4 years.) I'm female.

  16. Hi! I just found your channel today and I've already watched 20 videos XD
    Anyway i have kinda a dumb question I have bipolar disorder and my doctor has suggested that i take Lithium (the antidepressant) but i have a fear of it due to my mother being poisoned by it and had a stroke, right now im on something else and the doctor keeps telling me it will help me a ton, should i let her prescribe it or do i keep trying to find something else?

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