Police bust illegal marijuana grow operation

Police have busted an illegal marijuana grow operation in Shelby Township ◂ WXYZ 7 Action News is metro Detroit’s leading source for breaking news, weather …


  1. Looks like a cancer patient will have to suffer from Chemos horrific side affects from now on..
    Well, if that's what the government wants, then that's what they want

  2. stupid as cops and dea…… its weed for fuck sake….not heroin or crack.its a fuckin plant.its a medicine …..
    so lets start acting like it and quit being scared of the government/cops/dea/fda ….ect.
    they have no pwer without our say

  3. "we are gonna blow the lines of the law because thats Gods mission" police, let cannabis pass over, many other police work is around. You should have to fear of job loss if people are NOT in prison from cannabis. Its legal now, no law for a plant thats been around for over a 1000 years. Violates the peoples constitutional 1st and 9th amendment human right to use this plant in any way. thank you

  4. that is bullshit. they were a MEDICAL marijuana dispensery. how is that illegal with MEDICAL marijuana? why dont you go bust some heroin dealers instead of a medical marijuana dispensery

  5. glad to see my tax dollars are still being wasted on this stupid shit. if there is no harm then why are they doing this. oh its so they can take the money for themselves. everyone knows that macomb county is the most crooked court system and police force in the state. the cops there literally beat and rob people every day. ive personally seen jt and experienced it. i feel bad for the people running this dispensary because they are going to get screwed and get everything theyve worked so hard for stolen from them.

  6. Legalize now. Michigan has a initiation of legislation petition to sign right now! Summer 2015. Go to your local grow supply shop & ask if they have it. Sign & register to vote! Legalize marijuana!

  7. Hah. I see america legalizing with laws that will only allow those above the poverty line to smoke cannabis. It's a plant like any other, people should just be allowed to grow for their own use and businesses wouldn't need to pop up. Learn from Jamaica I think they have the right idea.

    All you need is a pot of soil and a few cannabis seeds. water. fertilizer (6 weeks in). and wait. Outdoor grows are ready for harvest in winter.

    I hate to see government regarding cannabis as something that should regulated for capitalism tax. It is something that has been cultivated in our human history long before the government controlling you. It is a substance that helps numerous medical and psychological problems. The reason governments believe they can now control weed is because they have been practising feminising marijuana plants so that the plants will not reproduce and instead yield more bud, a successful GMO project so that they can tax it. Meanwhile you'll find in countries of poverty like my own, marijuana has been bred to bare hermaphrodites so that the crop has so much seed in it that it can supply many grow operations. Like in Swaziland where villages grow marijuana fields together and it funds their family so they can live above the poverty line. When cops destroyed their crops in a massive USA funded raid the people shared the seeds with one another so that they could rebuild their lives.


    It is an infringement of humanity. A corrupt system that aims to demoralise the poor.

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