Outdoor uk cannabis grow pt 7

The girls are all girls and have just started pre flowers so all is ok at the moment the autos are nearly ready so should have a smoke soon.


  1. Nice..any more vids did the Hollands hope finish?? Im gona get my plot sorted this week for may!! 10 fem easy sativa,10 fem purple Marco,and iv 10 regular Hollands hope..gona make a vid dairy hopefully

  2. Your neighbours must be cool!! 8ft plants?? Wow!! Looking good tho bro!! Should' leave those autos at least another 2 or 3 weeks! They looked young! Fuck wat it says on the packet… The erbs ready wen it's ready!! Peace

  3. I'll do a vid of the autos when it's dryed properly but prob not too much from them prob only about 15 grms maybe 20 but all the others are flowering now so hope for some more soon

  4. Bad news for me tonight the Jamaician plant which is the biggest one has shown a lot of male signs with pollen sacks so I'm thinking it's hermie an am not taking a chance so I've chopped it down heartbreaking but in the long run the right thing I think

  5. Cheers for the comments guys yeah there is some birdshit on the cheese plant but all the nutrients are being sucked out the leaves for the bud so they are changing colour a bit anyway and I will do a quick vid when cheese is dry I'm chopping it tomorrow

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