1. dad I got to admit I reminded be as baseball bats as I can but bigger than a number 2 pencil more like the number 3 pencil which it's a stage at little bit fatter misses big around as a normal sister sweets cigar and I smoke a lot I've been cooking a star space candy the blitzkrieg I like to call it strain and also the Electra all in the gutter and keep on smoking into the same 50 mm paper that I keep on taking a roaches and smoking on top of that smoke on top of that smoking on top of that I probably do that better than 24 * original strength of the actual CBD anytime you get a lawyer good rich candy heart and putting out tastiness I your most top CBD flower try it sometime take one blunt smoke it leave the back of it and roll it in behind it roll it in behind it and all at once put that in the middle of another blunt is that part right there and see what you think and get back to me

  2. Love watching your videos Taz! Nice to know about this place heading to Tennessee in a month on a fishing trip flying with flower seems sketchy dont want TSA to get my stuff. Now I know where to stop

  3. You’re the reason I’ve started smoking cbd. I haven’t been able to smoke in a while because the anxiety I get from it is wild so, I ordered everything on MONROW farms website and Boyle I’m about to check out fiveleaf wellness and order everything on their website lol. Thank you for being you.

  4. Hey Taz thanks it was your reviews. That talk me into buying some hemp flowers. I grew a CBD strain dr feelgood bitch wasn't hemp. But smoked pretty damn dank. Thanks for putting me on really though. I enjoy hemp alot but love thc strains too. Hemps waaaay better than buying high priced thc strains. An people can't grow good out here

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