1. Man started on 15 16 soo good had to start from the beginning that's what's up no BS all of them good job dude if these don't motivate you, you probably don't have a pulse.

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  3. Two pic vids are up sir. Little bit of a slight dis. But you Inspired me. But having been watching for a long time now and thinking my god I just can't do all the gee wizarey with the cooling devices. So I came up with what I have. So once you run some ducts Send me a paper cut of your hood and will send you a Hood Koozie. I think it's cool as hell anyway. No I am not a saddle maker but hey a custom made leather look kooze on the hood. Just sayin it's a bling bling thing I hope. someday.

  4. Ok here is result. Used locking floor mat all over hood to make a speaker box looking item. Then added 1/4 plexi. Just used red tie strap to hold it. Looked cooler. Then found at wal mart a kitchen mat that looks like leather. It fits right over and now it looks as I have a saddle over my plants in a cooler room by 6 degrees. Ballast and fan are going in a cooler lined with rubber mat and ducted all heat away. It's cool as fucking hell. both ways.

  5. Hey, just did a test of insulating my hood. A bath towel a mat and some hand towels just taped to see dropped the room two degrees. Wrapped the short ducts and went another degree. Bit more fiddling and trips to the store. ??? I have never seen a insulated hood with double pane glass. All sources of heat shielded and vented. Even the ballast ducted. Any thoughts heating and cooling guy?

  6. Absolutely could not have seen that video at a better time. Needed that one for sure. Also bro, mad skills in your grows. I always check in to see what you have going. Take it easy man.

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