1. Why’d you push him so hard and wait how’d he manage to get high off of eating the weed if it wasn’t cooked the thc wasn’t extracted the only way he should have been high is if he ate edibles but i don’t see the problem with the dog being stoned tho tbh like why would it hurt anything

  2. You stupid bitch!!! Why the fuck did you hit him? I would like to get my hands on you and drag you by your fucnking hair and fuck the life out of you. I hope you get what you deserve like being run over by a truck

  3. Imo the only thing wrong with this video is the owner is both irresponsible for not securing that better and B. Moronic enough to make a comment like “I dunno what to do, I hope he doesn’t die”.

    Hmm, concerned? Perhaps the logical conclusion would be a VET.


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