Milton Friedman – Why Drugs Should Be Legalized

Milton Friedman puts forward a compelling case for the legalization of drugs More videos and information on issues of liberty is available at


  1. The stoners and non-stoners that think only weed should be legal are pretentious assholes. I've met one at my college, wish she didn't think that way.

    These people are like, "But weed is safe! Heroin isn't!" and I'm like, "So what? People have a right to put whatever they want into their bodies, plus you still have the war on drugs if only weed is legal." and they're still like "Well only weed should be legal."

    I just give up.

  2. that prohibition shit its bee real dark age to research of better medicine how long humanity have time to sit thumb in asshole research shoud be gouing forward

  3. Milton Friedman is very intelligent and makes some compelling points, but drugs like Heroin and Cocaine are much more serious than simply eating too much for dinner. The fact that he compared the two like that is kind of insulting.

  4. This man speaks pure sense, yes drugs are addictive but i believe in the radical notion of owning my own mind and body, and NOT succumbing to the will of the collective. No inherent point in life can be seen in my opinion, Therefore if i wish to take heroin until i od it's my prerogative, the only thing the man who is selling it to me should do is provide a warning label and be accountable for his product's quality.

  5. colonial capitalist white men. could there be any worse 4 words strung together?
    war on drugs created by the nixon admin was to incarcerate and disrupt the black panthers, black people, people of color and anti war hippies – the white ppl.

    as if the problem is government and all capitalists are godly saints. STFU crackers.

    We need to rein in capitalism the way it is structured or create a new financial system (there are plenty of examples). the usual jerk white dude capitalists always troupe on about anarchy this and communism that. thats BULLSHIT. A LIE. just like the war on drugs. corrupt at its core and corrupting governments, banks (HSBC/CITI/CHASE,ETC) cops, courts, businesses, communities and millions of people.

    guess the war on drugs is like religion. full of sh*t and corrupt.

  6. 4:19 "He has chosen himself to be a victim." Largely this is not the case. The environment he lives in causes him to be a victim. Drugs should non the less be legalised but this will not solve the problem of addiction and dependency in places where, arguably, the government has a responsibility to push people's lives in the right direction, when they cannot do so themselves.

  7. ALL DRUGS SHOULD BE LEGAL. Drug prohibition has simply handed control of these substances to the WORST PEOPLE IMAGINABLE! Criminals with no conscience!!
    In other words, the type of people who could never make the kind of money they make from drugs from any other business! And these are the people we’re handing OBSCENE PROFITS TO!
    And what do they do with those profits? They use it to corrupt, to carry out more crimes and to destroy neighbourhoods

  8. Friedman was a great man. I totally agree with him about legalizing drugs and have been saying it for years. He was also right about free speech. I think he would be horrified about the path that free speech is heading – he would be appalled at at PC and hate speech laws. We are heading down the path to tyranny.

  9. I see where he’s gettin at but the idea that people doing drugs only affects them is foolish.. as a country we spend billions of dollars to treat patients with overdoses and psychological trauma .. directly affecting government spending.. I’d also like to add that by increasing the price on these drugs it actually incentivizes people NOT to go after them and start using them.. it’s basic economics that if the price goes down people tend to buy MORE of that good.. I think to have a thriving nation u must balance out a free market and the right amount of regulation

  10. While of course drugs should never have been made illegal, Friedman knows very little about the real drug black market (or non black market) for that matter. He also seems to still old the juvenile idea of a "gateway" drug as cited at 1:43.
    Also, giant foreign drug cartels are NOT the only people able to actually produce and sell drugs in the black market. I'm fairly certain estimates put foreign imported weed at least than 25% of the actual weed sold and smoked here in America. The vast majority is grown by small indoor operations by a single person, or at most a small ring of 3 to 10 guys.
    Nobody wants the shwag crap cartels bring in anyway. It's all brick weed, black looking garbage that'll probably have mold on it.

  11. What leads you to believe you have the right to tell others what they can and can't ingest into their own body? While the practicality and real world consequences argument is obvious, it should never even GET to the point where people are debating those things because ITS ALL FOUNDED ON THE PRESUMPTION THAT PEOPLE CAN TELL OTHER PEOPLE WHAT THEY CAN DO WITH THEIR OWN SELF

  12. If all drugs we legalized and professionally manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, we could literally wipe out 99% of diseases related to drug use in two generations and cut the overdose rates in a HUGE way!
    • Why do people get hepatitis? Low/non-existant access to clean equipment and sterile drugs.
    • Why do people overdose? Unknown potency and cutting agents.

    Imagine how much better our streets would be if this took place! Imagine if people could just use their clean drug of choice, go to work and support their families etc… People could mind their OWN business and police could focus on REAL crimes.
    It's a guarantee that people WILL continue using drugs, the question is; HOW do we MINIMIZE the damage as they continue doing their thing? Surely sticking a fearful and hurting opioid addict in a metal cage for a month and then telling them to go to NA and enroll in a methadone program isn't the answer…

  13. What they do not tell you about prohibition. By the way, I have a Ph.D. In Education and Criminal Justice and retired as a police administrator. I like Milton Friedman, however, he missed the most important point —- people. During the time of prohibition sanitariums for alcoholism was down 50%. Most people during prohibition actually abided by the law, alcohol abuse was down and there was some positive influence. Yes, the black market did happen and that is the downside; however, alcoholism during prohibition did not raise the use of alcohol; especially among YOUTH.

    Drugs today? Unlike alcohol, since the mid 1960s and on DRUGS have become part of the youth culture and has been a major market for illegal drugs. When you legalize drugs those using drugs, especially young, say those who are 18 years old, will be a gateway for younger youth to become part of the drug market users – intentional or not. Those teenagers that use drugs are part of a higher drop out rate, do poorer in school, more apt to commit a juvenile delinquent act and their very mind – which is in developmental stage (until like 25) will be seriously debilitated. Legalizing drugs will allow more youth to take drugs by easier access. ALSO —- it sends a social approval message that DRUGS ARE OKAY. When studying sociology for years we have known that most citizens comply with the law because they observe that laws as something that are there for a reason and should be followed. Laws make a positive difference;

    Next point. People do not make good decisions on drugs. They increase higher risk behavior making them a threat. Drug users operate at an more emotional level than intelligence level and therefore commit crime and often violent crime. Legalize cocaine? Legalize meth / crack? Legalize opiates? You would be an IDIOT ! These drugs DESTROY PEOPLES LIVES and make them a risk to themselves and also society. Marijuana —- what they don’t share —- a police officer pulls someone over for driving on marijuana —- which tremendously affects the ability to do responsive coordinated actions with a time space problems —- there ARE NO TESTS TO DETERMINE HOW HIGH THEY WERE WHEN DRIVING !!! There is no means of accountability. Yet, people who DO NOT USE DRUGS on on the road subject not only to the higher risk of being in an accident with those under the influence of marijuana / other drugs, IF there is an accident the person under influence who is at fault cannot clearly be held accountable. There are THOUSANDS of INNOCENT people killed on the road every year from people who drive under the influence of some substance abuse —- including marijuana. Do you realize how many on the job accidents happen on the job due to drugs. Do your research. Sorry Milton, during the prohibition the thousands of thousands of youth that we see today whose lives, and their families – who are totally destroyed because of drug addiction / drug overdoses DID NOT EXIST LIKE TODAY. In short, social, medical, psychological and juvenile delinquency research ALL POINT THAT DRUGS ARE DESTRUCTIVE AND DESTROY LIVES AND ARE A HUMONGOUS COST TO SOCIETY. Liberals do not care. Libertarians are often Okay with drug legalization. However, conservative philosophy is the “greater good for the greater number”. We do not need a larger population of drug addicts, under the influence, unmotivated except to attain their next high, or so whacky to become under paranoia and become more of a threat to others and themselves. Add the last fact that TREATMENT FACILITIES have a very low rate of success.

  14. He was anti-goverment, wich is probably pure sanity. The same idea can't apply to, for example, parenting, as wel as other institutions. Freedom, then, is not an absolute idea and should be applied carefully.

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