Mayo Clinic Minute: Rise in teen tobacco use linked to vaping

An annual survey by the Minnesota Department of Health recently revealed that 1 in 5 high school students use e-cigarettes. The survey also showed youth …


  1. This video is pathetic. Lies!!!! Watch another video about a leading heart surgeon on vaping, see what he has to say about vaping.
    That guy on here I would guess got paid a fair amount of money to say what he said, very briefly.. And his preaching is garbage. Vaping is the only way to a tobacco free world.

  2. Why are these products sold online so that minors can illegally purchase them? eBay supports countless sellers that sell to whomever.. wouldn’t doubt that big tobacco is behind all of this garbage..

  3. More students at my former highschool smoke rather than vape. The students who vape don't smoke. Yes, alot of these students who vape didn't smoke cigarettes in the first place, but if there's a possibility that my kid might smoke in the future, I'd rather have a higher chance for him or her to vape instead. What's more important is the adult lives already on the line from smoking that need to make the switch to vaping before serious health problems actually occur or get worse. The thing is it's harder for adult smokers to make the switch when all these lies and bullshit about vaping gets spread around. Things like popcorn lungs, wet lungs, and that it even causes cancer when's there no proof that it does. Because all these lies get spread around about vaping, more people now believe vaping is just as bad as smoking in it's own way when it's not.

  4. 🙄 Yeah… NAH. I switched from tobacco to vaping one month ago.. never looking back at Tobacco… Feel better..saving money. Gateway to smoking…. load of rubbish.!

  5. I went from smoking when I was in my late teens to vaping when I was older. I highly suggest to keep vaping or stop if you just recently started. Winging down from vaping is a hell of a lot easier than cigarettes I’ll tell you that much and converting from smoking to vaping is a hard challenge in itself. Keep a open mind that it is a addiction and will cost you a lot of money in the end. Stay safe and vape some weed instead.

  6. Well the Royal College of Physicians reports say otherwise. They were the first ones to ring the bell about the dangers of smoking. While the doctors in the US was still promoting cigarettes for weight loss.

  7. I'd like to see his research which led to these conclusions. Surely a lot of these kids would have become smokers anyway. Correlation isn't the same as causation.

  8. They won't ban smoking because big tobacco has politicians in their pockets…and that's also why they are getting away with sensationalizing the "dangers" of vaping.

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