1. 0 people have died from smoking marijuana. Nice try again. Go back to your weekends of binge drinking and beating your wife while we sit on the couch and eat chips after work.

  2. My bus driver was on the weed and his sister died in a train crash. Marijuana is more dangerous than cancer, heroine, african drug lords, and the red communists all combined!

  3. interesting thing that we don't see weed commercials these days…Only 'don't do drugs"…Cuz they know all of their past weed commercial are fraud and lies

  4. let me correct myself..marijuana did not give your friend hepatitis the used needle did. Or maybe whatever stupid mix he injected in his body! If I were you, I leave that stupid fuck

  5. First of, your friend was retarded and all the people voting up too. I feel more sorry for you and others that think you can shoot up marijuana. You can't shoot up marijuana or a plant. To do that you would have to soak for hours or days the plant in some sort of liquid and that will kill the THC levels. I think he was shooting up something else, he was stupid in sharing needles instead of using clean ones. Come on guys! Face it, there is not one death caused by marijuana ALONE in the world

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