1. Intro]
    I made this beat
    Oh, and I—and then I now wrote to it too
    So it go like this
    It’s like real late and Jerm’s tryna get home
    So I’ma try and one take a ma'fuckin' song
    Uh, uh, uh

    When you first start rappin' everybody curious
    Then you make it happen and everybody furious
    Young kid courteous, don’t know what the worry is
    Wanna be buried in my Pittsburgh Jersey, bitch
    Nobody certain if you gonna make it
    Life give you some hurt and then you gonna hate it
    Sometimes it leave you cold and it leave you naked
    But one thing for certain I’ma leave it faded
    Still young but I wonder when my time gon' be up
    When my time come I’ma smile and peace up
    Shorty sipping forties, hangin' out by the tree stump
    So Jerm and me started making hits and it occurred to me
    You didn't have to be like thirty-three to start earning cheese
    With uncertainty, in it for eternity
    A lot of style, little money and some purple weed
    Me and my queen, my girl, not Freddy Mercury
    ‘Cause first you work for free, anything to get noticed
    Stayin' focused ’cause bullshittin' was hopeless
    So treat yourself like a damn professional
    Your first music check, damn incredible
    Every day feel like the best day ever
    Until every day feel like the best day ever
    And you used to them days, kinda become a routine
    You have a bad one, fuck up a good dream
    You realize that you’ll probably be away when
    All the people die and you never get to say
    Everything you always wanted to but never got the chance to
    Start to weigh you down, what can a man do?
    I could’ve stayed around, probably cancelled
    A couple of shows, spent the last two
    Years being dumb on the road, I guess
    Haven’t got to spend too much in the home
    Time is what you make it, but player don’t be mistaken
    All of your shit get taken
    Broken, beaten oasis, still I wouldn’t trade it
    Now it's five o’clock, but my mind won’t stop
    I’ve been thinkin' ’bout life, pourin' syrup and pop
    Smokin' cigarettes like I’m really tryna die
    Try to keep my head on my shoulders but my mind in the sky
    I’m that moment when a gazelle and a lion collide
    I'm a burned down building with a diamond inside
    Yup, independent platinum, wishing well passing
    Jewel'ry out the ice age, bitch outta Maxim
    I be writin' this shit and just relaxin’
    Let the time start passin'

    Yeah, so I just made this ma'fuckin' beat
    And decided I was gonna rap on it too
    It’s like
    Took my chains off to rap this song
    Ou, almost dropped my big chain laughs
    Who'd ever thought that I’d be standing in a booth with a big chain?
    Syke, I’m joking, I don’t got another verse
    All right, peace

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