1. Ya, 3,000.00 dollar grow LED lights do beat HPS when your using the similar amounts of electricity.

    Your not gonna be able to flower anything that needs big par values like cannabis.

    The good led are too much and the 2 3 hundred dollar ones are crap.

    You need to build a 2+ driver, 6-8 hundred watt DIY cob kit to hold a flame to a 1000 watt HPS DE fizture, and the led will cost you near 1000 dollars to build, and the best 1000 watt HPS will run you 300, 150 if you go cheap amazon.

    So you want to grow huh??

    Ask me, I'm a medical cannabis commercial cultivation cusultant. I know what works for efficiency and for the guy that wants the absolute best bang for buck will go with a light canopy with banks of 315 watt CMH fixtures. Then it's HPS, LED will only save you over time. Or if you care more about power consumption than you are bigger yeilds.

    I see fools buying 2 light kits all the time…

    And it's the guys that buy red and blue 10 watt led chip set fixtures. Their a joke. Those guys always go back and replace that junk with HPS cause they can't now afford good led lights or good cmh fixtures. So do yourself a favor and put no faith in an LED till you personally witness what a 200 dollar amazon led actually does, and it's not much.

  2. 600w led vs 600w hps and the led will yield half as much if that. The buds are nice and dense but in terms of sheer yield led is just not there yet. I think using 1 or 2 led lights at say 300w with 1x 600w hps is the way to go then you'll have all the light spectrum and yields like a 1000w how but 30% less of a bill and heat

  3. Who runs a 600 watt HPS 32" from the canopy!? Might as well have the light in another room. 18" in a hood is the correct distance. Don't get me wrong, I love LEDs, but this video is really disingenuous. If you really want to go to LED, look at the Gen 7 Vero 29s or the tried and true Crees. A good fixture from timber grow lights will put a 1000watt DE HPS to shame for umol/m2 and would destroy what they are trying to sell.

  4. BlackDog LED = 1500 Dollars

    NextLight Veg LED = 500 Dollars

    LumiGrow ES330 = 700 Dollars

    600W 6inch air cooled HPS, fan, filter and duct = 320 Dollars.

    It would be insane if those top of the line LED lights did not outperform a 400w HPS

  5. Marshydro led was better than I expected. Weighted little bit more tought, but it's not problem. My plants started growing faster and better with this than when i was using 400w spna. Will defenedly buy another one.

  6. using LED are the # 1 way to lose your crop. if you can grow the best buds with HPS and T5 and you double the par with this LED it will burn your plants. just use T5 it works and cost alot less and has about the same heat

  7. with 400W hps: 1.25g/1W
    Led 270W: 1.9g-2.1g/1W
    its all about the strain and root development in veg, more roots more buds, i use only blue in veg for increasing stomata`s, roots and short internodes, then fullspec (blue/red) in the fist 2 weeks pre-bloom and 2 weeks bloom. the rest of bloom they stand in deep red 🙂 led is the shit if you know how to use them or your plants building a bigger internode and shoot to the sky 😀

  8. LEDs do provide plants with the correct light color, and they do this very well, probably better than hps or metal halide. This is great but only half of what a plant needs… the other half being light intensity, LEDs cannot provide enough intensity to even get close to comparing LEDs to HIDs, 'nough said, im not switching

  9. i need u to do a test for me a comparison i see these 5 band units. Nasa has done test where they would put a green diode yes a green and it helps growth how does a green diode help in anyway benefit the photosynthesis process

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