1. of course the recovering addict is against it, that´s step one in any "drug rehabilitation" system, get the patient to believe that all drugs are bad as long as they are not prescribed by a doctor, then of course it´s ok, and i doubt that his problem was cannabis, more likely heroin or crack. And you got to love AA and NA, religious affiliates that they are, of course they would jump at the chance to help "save" more souls for the glory of god. fucking lying assholes, they are not even honest about their success rate, because it´s horrible which is strange because i thought they had "GOD" on their side.

  2. in 1776 the revolutionary government read the Declaration of Independence and when people heard the first part – INALIENABLE RIGHTS TO LIFE LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS the people decided to fight for this ideal.  How does any government pass a law that bans these inalienable rights.  A citizen has the right to live the way he or she sees fit and as long as a citizen does not infringe on another citizens rights then how can a government ban our individual inalienable rights in our pursuits toward life – liberty & happiness.

  3. hey n.a. guy at 48:00, just cause you cant handle YOUR intake, doesn't mean you gotta be all pissy and bitter towards all those who CAN handle themselves with restraint. The truth is youre jealous, your being a hater, just admit.  your made that you cant have fun so you don't think any one can.  of course theres people who don't use it solely as medicine, its a steping stone to full legalization, which is only right.  of course in the interest of spoiling other peoples fun, you'd prefer to prevent that and continue to keep the production in the hands of criminals, and prevent the people that are actually using it as medicine from being able to use it. and if you don't believe its actually medicine, do some real research and then go and talk shit, marijuana is poised to be a miracle groundbreaking source of real, natural, extremely effective. I just cant stand pissy addicts who think no should be allowed to have fun.  lighten the fuck up and quit hating. whats the point of life if there is no fun  

  4. You idiots thought Obama would save you. You threw Ron Paul and Gary Johnson under the bus. Any weed smoker needs to join the libertarian party. Republicans and democrats will not help any of us!

  5. satan has taken over this world. The people in power don't care about their souls. They act like this life is all there is, there is no eternity and a promised land. If that were so, then God is a liar. God is mysterious, HE gives tough love, HE rains and shines on the just as well as the unjust; but HE is no liar. Just an observation: smoking on camera is a bad look. Your oppressors want to take away your freedom so don't flaunt it in their faces because they'll just use it against you. Take a lesson from the corrupt, sneaky authoritarians. They cheat, lie, steal, kill, ……but they don't take pics and video doing it. That's how they stay greazzy. Cannabis opens your mind, so use the power to fight with your mind. Stand your ground on your ideas and convictions.

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