How to Use an Enameled Cast Iron Pot – Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart teaches you how to use an enameled cast iron pot to cook both sweet and savory dishes! Brought to you by Martha Stewart: …


  1. I have to agree. The enamel cast iron pot is my favorite. Still I wish Martha showed us the best way to clean them, sometimes a good soak still isn't enough.

  2. I bought mine in five different colors so they look festive on the stove top. When I went looking for a new smoothtop range I took the four heaviest pots with me and look to see which cooktops bowed and avoided those brands of range. 

  3. Martha, I need some advice for cooking in/cleaning up my enameled cast iron, as I seem to always have stain that is VERY hard to get out.  Whether soup, bread, stew, or casseroles, there is always bits cooked on in the bottom/sides that are most stubborn to clean off.  Help!!  Thank you!  Jean

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