How To Survive A Traffic Stop "I Don't Answer Questions"

ABOUT THE TRIAL: Youtube will not give me enough space to tell the whole story so I’ll give you the abbreviated one. I plead “not guilty” and defended myself at …


  1. I got pulled over doing 53 in 35 m.p.h. zone.I politely answered all of the officers questions wether I had to or not……guess what!? He ran my license and then let me off with a verbal warning .He was professional and polite and so was I and I didn't have to pay for a speeding ticket that I knew I was guilty as hell on. Sometimes treating police like people goes a lot further than being a condescending know it all,just sayin'.

  2. The cop just needed to go all Alex Trebec on him and ask his questions in the form of an answer, then that guy can reply with a question and everyone's cool.
    "Answering police questions can cause this common life threatening issue"
    "What is lead poisoning?"
    I would have also accepted,
    "What is brain damage from blunt force trauma"? and "what is snitches get stitches?"

  3. This guy must have all the time in the world because those of us who work for a living don’t have time to play such mindless games. What did the guy prove?…Nothing. Just one more stupid son of a bitch without the sense to know when to pick his battles.

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