How to start a 2-cycle or 2 stroke Echo Weed-Trimmer in UNDER A MINUTE!

Easy way to start a 2-cycle or 2 stroke Echo, ryobi, stihl Weed-Trimmer How to Start a 2-cycle Echo Weed-Trimmer, the easy way. This video explains how to use …


  1. +JakeGuitar01 – I was so dreading going out and trying to start that d*mn thing one more time. So I watched your video, saw all these VERY HAPPY people's comments and decided maybe this one will work! Hoping it would work! THANK YOU FOR THIS SIMPLE FIX!! You saved me from being exhausted and pissed again about it! 4 Pulls and it was running. 2 weeks ago, I used more energy trying to start the thing than I did today weed whacking for 2 hours! Thank you so much Jake!! YOU ARE THE MAN. The wife's very happy as well. Happy wife, happy life.
    PS: Do you live in England? That sounded like a drunk Brit!

  2. This is a good video, but it is easier to put the machine on choke (cold start) and hold the throttle wide open , give it a pull and usually on the second pull you hear it catch, quickly get off of the choke and it will usually stay runningalso, that is not true about the carb primer bulb, the bulb cannot flood the engine, it simply cycles the gas through carb and the tank- long live 2 strokes

  3. I will never buy an Echo trimmer again Impossible to start when not started for a while. I hate this thing. Absolutely hate it. Today was the best day I've had with my 2 1/2 year old Echo. It's smashed across my driveway. In totally, I used it 15 times maybe. Dealer had trouble starting the 2 times I took it in. Trash.

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