How to produce large flowers and buds. Grow with MKP 0-52-34 Bloom Fertilizer

Water Soluble Tech Grade MKP 0-52-34 Fertilizer Mono potassium Phosphate MKP is a fully water-soluble mono-potassium …


  1. Monopotassium phosphate is a salt. Its chemical formula is KH2PO4. If your soil needs potassium and/or phosphorus, applying this stuff will enhance both plant growth and quality as well as soil microbial activity. Get your soil tested before applying. Many soils already have sufficient levels of phosphorus.

  2. This isn't organic though right?? I'm very interested in getting some of your products but if I mix Non Organic nutes it will destroy all the living life I worked to have in my living super soil.  This I'm concerned in.

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