How to kill Spider Mites, Everything you need to know Part 1 of 2

In this tutorial we’ll cover the many different products you see at grow stores geared towards killing and eradicating a spider mite infestation. Find Mighty Wash …


  1. 2:45 "spider mites are a true insect"…. I'm sure someone else has mentioned this, but mites – by definition – are not insects. I mean, come on man, they're called "spider mites" for a reason.

  2. Listen up every grower has mites if you’re doing your job and maintaining a constant regiment of pesticides you can control them when you get rid of them and don’t do anything you will find out that they have taken over your garden p.s great video

  3. mighty wash now has what's in it on the front of gal jug. Pyrethrins .0075% and Canther oil 1.3500% and other ingredients 99.6425% i think that's distilled or RO water. when i first started using it it did not have that info. Most likely some govt run safety dept made them put it there like consumer protection agency. the one trumps wants do tear down , total idiot it too many ways to list

  4. how about mighty wash from NPK like mighty wash or OM wash NPK? I've done soil soaks with neem oil with great success and no bugs or catiplairs or any other bugs trying to eat leaves or roots'

  5. Raid pest strips put em in your room for a couple of days. Ya don't have to spray shit. Mites gone. I promise you. I own a commercial grow here in Colorado. I tried everything over the past 30 years. Get yourself some raid pest strips, put em every couple of feet around your room. Let them kill the live ones overnight, and kill the hatching ones for a couple more days and they're gone for good. Get em out of there after they're gone. They will yellow your plants. Starts out low and will eventually kill your plants. I do it only in veg. Get rid of those little suckers once and for all and never think about them again!!!! YOURE WELCOME!!

  6. Boil water put garlic in it. Let it rest for few hours. Spray it on the plants. Problem gone. You can also use tobacco in a teabag. Put it in boiling water. Let it rest and spray it on the plants. Don't use soap or any other chemicals!!! Respect the plant and do it as bio as you can

  7. hey could you give me and hand with thripes im not sure im spelling it right but yea i have had problems with thripes and not sure how to get rid of them should i use ur formula or is there something else i can do?

  8. lol you cannot get rid of spider mites, simple as that… Unless you buy new clothes, new home, new growing equipment, new plants… And then you will be bug free for a few months… And then you are gonna have to buy a new house and new clothes and new equipment… you know how the story goes…

  9. Peppermint extract, garlic extract, rosemary extract, thyme extract, ginger extract, spearmint extract, geranium extract, lavender extract. They are essential oils. They work really well at repelling and killing many insects.

  10. I completely killed a spider mite infestation by taking my grape vine outside and letting it completely freeze. Most of the plant died but the wooden parts survived and the plant could recover

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