1. With bare spots in my lawn, here, near St. Louis, it is March 10, can I spread grass seed down now and wait a few weeks, then apply per emergence in late april ? My front lawn looks horrible.

  2. 1:57 Nice video, but never, ever use an auto exposure camera with a white background that completely fills the frame. A camera light meter averages the light to 18 percent grey. This is what you have at this point in your video.

  3. I'd love to use Quinclorac on our bahia grass here in Central Florida. What else is widely available to use successfully on our bahia grass as a post emergent herbicide? Thanks! 😎

  4. My lawn had crab, bahia, and dallis, but all were able to be pulled up, root and all. Some weeds snap off when you pull, despite your best efforts so you can't pull the root out. But these pull great. Over time, this stuff is all but gone because my St Augustine filled in the gaps they left. These are very satisfying to pull!

  5. Drive label states not for use on St. Augustine grass. That's what I have, my whole yard and all my neighbors have St Augustine grass. So…what is going to work on Crab grass in Sta Augustine?

  6. Hey there Allen I just started following your channel and I really enjoy it.i live in southern California in the city of San Bernardino ,I started growing my own lawn (1300sq.ft) but I'm having an issue with a perticular weed it dreads like a spider weed,Andi can't get rid of it ,I have pulled them out ,and sprayed them with specticide concentrated weed killer ,but no result anything anyone might suggest

  7. Hey! I need some advice. For the most part I've kept crab grass away by using Scotts Lawn Food with Crabgrass preventer however this summer there was a fair amount of crab grass that grew. My lawn is still nice and thick however there are spots where the crab grass does show up. I think it's mainly due to my neighbor's grass as well because they have crabgrass. Anyhow – I got tired of the crab grass and decided to rip them out (root and call) and how some parts of my lawn has holes. I noticed theres no crab grass growing like it usually does however I'm stuck with the holes. It is ok if I just put soil in the holes and use the OTC seeds to regrow the grass? What's your recommendation on that?

  8. Lol, very entertaining love your videos, but half of the time I'm not even paying attention to what you are talking about, I'm too busy day dreaming of you being " The Gordon Ramsey of the lawn" I would love for you to come and help me out with my new sod😆. Idk what the heck I'm doing, and its all patchy & dying😟. I don't think the water is draining well. Plus its also growing crabgrass. Ugh its a mess😖

  9. I know this video is old, but would Roundup kill mature crabgrass? I typically use a spade shovel and pull the crabgrass for speratic plants…but for larger areas would Roundup work too?

  10. How does the timeline of when to treat apply to South Florida? It might be 60 degrees one time per year here, and there's no real seasons. By the way, I love your channel. I've bought and used several products you recommend and have learned a TON. Thanks!

  11. Would it be ok to blanket spray quinclorac? It seems like it would take forever for me to be able to identify the crabgrass in my lawn ( it is fairly thick) I want to be able to kill as many as possible before my fall overseed (transition zone, TTTF, KY blue & rye)

  12. Totally pissed off crab grass has infested my once plush lawn. Hot dry Ontario summer and…crab grass lawn, oh and I put down too much fertilizer

  13. So 4 minutes into this video, there's NOTHING about how to get rid of it. WTF? Tuning out of this now. Over 4 minutes now, nothing about how to get rid of it.

  14. The prayers worked? Why not pray to end world hunger? Everyday 4000 children die of starvation… Why not pray for them.
    Answer: because it doesn't work. Lol

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