1. If yo smoke now it’s had to quit now but after a few decades of smoking when you get sick the suffering will be 100 times greater now !, yes I have seen it happen to men who I have loved . O yes your medical bills will be astronomical and you will not be able to pay . So you goon the public nickel . Well many all the taxes you pay on a pack will help . Only a dam fool smokes that’s the bottom line

  2. I know smoking is bad, but think about it like this : How many people do you personally know that died from smoking? How many of your friends, family or even relatives personally know a person who died from smoking?

    The answer is probably really low or even 0

    So I doubt it's THAT bad, maybe 2 packs a day is not okay, but 2 to 3 cigarettes will not kill you

  3. Without question most smokers want to give up, some desperately. Unfortunately, so many try to give up again and again. Smoking is really pernicious: it's a very expensive, very painful way to die, often young.

  4. I never was a smoker and will be either.I have got relatives that are smokers.My down stairs neighbor is heavy smoker and he thinks all smoke related health problems are all lies even thou are not.I have had relatives from smoking in the past.I'm allergic to smoke.

  5. Hey I'm 14from Ireland I first started smoking at 12 I smoke everyday i can't stop I need help I'm scared I keep thinking it's not a big deal but I don't wanna die is it possible I can die at my age from this? If someone sees this Ur more then welcome to contact me

  6. The most ridiculous excuse that smokers use is "yo I have been smoking for 30 years brah and I never got sick".
    That's like saying that it's harmless to fall from a 10-story building just because some people have been lucky enough to survive that.

  7. It’s interesting reading the comments. I have been smoking for years now since at an early age of 13 but now I’m almost 22 year old. Looking back to 13 years old I was stupid and very immature thinking it was such a cool bad ass thing! But now thinking why I put my young small delicate and important organs through that! Scares me that I’ll have more damage than expected at a younger age.

    But I thought even in my teenage years I was going through a lot when it’s my adult hood is much worse. Please stop when you can! I need help on how to quit d

  8. Between the circulatory or cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, cancer, emphysema and lung damage, smoking will lead to an early death … `There’s one adverse health effect that nicotine is clearly, unequivocally responsible for, and that’s addiction. There’s a quote that’s been bouncing around the tobacco research community since the 1970s, that “people smoke for nicotine but they die from the tar.” But the addiction, “in and of itself, is a distressing health outcome,” says Adam Leventhal, a clinical psychologist and a professor of preventive medicine at the University of Southern California. People who are addicted to nicotine “can feel that their behavior is restricted by their intense urge and cravings to use the drug,” he says.` https://www.theverge.com/2018/8/10/17670812/vape-e-cig-cigarette-juul-nicotine-addiction-vaping-smoke-health

  9. I will pick up another pack of smokes soon I still have a bunch of filters an tabaco left so I need to smoke that an also a few now that reminds me I got to light one up hey the sooner I crime the better ain't got no life what do ever

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