How CBD Improves Your Health, Supports Sleep & Immunity | American Hemp Oil Review

Holistic Health Coach, Corrina Rachel, discusses CBD Oil & its health benefits, plus a review of American Hemp Oil. ♥ Visit my sponsor, American Hemp Oil: …


  1. As a proud farmer in the great USA…please do not spread false info when you arent fully aware…GMO has nothing to do with the application of pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals….

  2. Why do you always get around 10k views when you have 2mil subs? This channel is dying :/ also non gmo means that the product was not genetically modified. Please do some research before falsely advertising them.

  3. Certified non-GMO just means that it’s not genetically engineered. It has nothing to do with the pesticides and herbicides. The product needs to be certified organic to ensure that there’s no pesticides or herbicides. Just a heads up!

  4. Thanks for the video. I have been reading up on this product quite a bit, but I can't find much info on dosing. Also, you mentioned you take it in the morning. Do you take it on an empty stomach or after breakfast?

  5. The whole CBD oil game is like acupuncture; you have to believe it works & it's made to be this magic cure for everything. All the drug dealers from the 80s through to the 00s who were selling heroin & cocaine in the streets are now in the CBD oil game claiming to be 'doctors' & 'healers'.

  6. I'm glad Hemp is legal in the US.
    Well Corina, would you like to discuss C60 (Buckminster fullerene) later? I've heard about the positive experiences from users and the study showing mouse with C60 in olive oil have a longer lifespan than the control group

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