Smoked Honey was kind enough to get a package to me and I have been thoroughly enjoying their products so far! This stuff is potent as it had me laying down …


  1. I’m honestly surprised this channel doesn’t have more subs… Andrew is probably the most consistent weed based YouTuber at the moment, literally every time I go on his channel there’s either a new video or he’s live. Keep it up man!!

  2. Yea bro can eat it as long as its activated here in pa medical we have company called illera that makes them with amazing terp counts. Love your channel if ever in pa lmk show ya around appreciate ya.

  3. Active means you can eat it as it has been decarboxylated (THC-A coverted into active THC. Usually accomplished by gentle heating). Most use the stuff in the syringe to also apply measured amounts to making baked goods. I do like a lot of vids you do. This one however was seemingly lazy. Just a bunch of "I dont know" instead of info. There was no showcase of what strains offered, specs about cart, coil type etc. Also the the description, "tastes good" helps no one. We all love weed and candy tasting terps. An actual description of what notes and flavors are there maybe. It just seemed like a video about a guy excited about a free stash.

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