Harvest day for the Sour Bubble & Plushberry #4 ladies + day 51 update

One last look at the Sour Bubble and Plushberry #4 (Black Cherry Soda pheno) ladies. Pulling the Plushberry #4 3-4 days earlier than expected, but …


  1. ialot of strains that have longer photo period tend to naner a lot more often and just because it does dosent have any effect of quality of product enless it happens in the begging of flower and then your talking aboutprobly having a lot of seeds

  2. its the cali O..has to be..whatever gave that orange the orange flavor is also in our orange OG and orange dream..the leaves do the same damn thing..crunchy..looks like fade as it happenes late but its crunchy which to me shows one of 3 thing either ph swing caused lockout, deficiancy or nute burn…one of those things.. i wanna run 3 plants and try to fix each of the three and see what plant does the best..

  3. @ 7:20 that isn't nutrient burn, You actually had two deficiencies there, Potassium and Phosphorus. Since you're an organic grower, I would next time start giving them bat or sea bird guano tea. Brew it for atleast 24h (depending on water temp) The colder the water, the longer the tea has to brew. Add some molasses and mycos aswell. That strain was probably a heavy feeder and since it didn't have enough PK in the soil, it couldn't have reached it's potential.

  4. I do believe that a period of darkness greens the plant up due to stored chlorophyll being redistributed to the foliage – making the trichomes more apparent, giving the perception of increased resin. As well as a few other little benefits. But multi-strain gardening makes this difficult, and I can't carry plants from the outbuilding to my house, logically. I do believe that chopping the plant just prior to, or at lights on has it's benefits, which I always do.

  5. You are right, I could've showed more of the SB. I'll be sure to get adequate shots of her drying and as finished product sir. As well as the Blue Kush. Thanks for watching my friend.

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