1. Gottleib was a Neocon POS no human would legalize something as bad as fentanyl or 10X as strong that's just unbelievably sick gross i'm an adult i never quit using menthol or tobacco flavors. Ecigs are not tobacco

  2. @diy or die I know you’re American but I’d really like to see you do a comparison to Canada’s impending vapour regulations. US & CAN laws very often end up influencing & affecting each other and I know allot of your listeners are also Canadian (maybe Em could guest star lol). Watching what’s going on in the US is great & in a way gives the heads up as to what could happen here next… the sad part is, here, we never have power of organized groups like CASAA to advocate for our rights.

  3. Valuable Alert thanks Wayne. Don't think enough exposure has been given to the report by Michelle Minton 'Fear Profiteers ' about the collusion between media, pharma and the money trail with the anti vaping organisations. Brent Stafford on his Regulator Watch YouTube channel has covered it and has a link to the full report on regulatorwatch.com – worthwhile and damning reading!

  4. Juul brought on this "epidemic" now they are trying to leave the indusrty as a Cessation device. Hmmmmmm sounds like they've bought and paid for their existence with the fda.

  5. I am 56. Started smoking at 13. I quit cigarettes and started smoking pipe tobacco
    For the different flavors and it was so much cheaper! No one says a word about pipe tobacco, and their flavors. I just started vaping with no nicotine. The flavors were my ticket to quit smoking. Btw cotton candy is my favorite.

  6. yeah the issue with corner stores is miseducation. 3/5 times this month when I've asked a corner store attendant about there vape liquid selection (curiosity, I run a juice company), they say "oh is that what that is? I thought It was air freshner". Of course they wern't id'ing. They usually don't even realize wtf they are selling lmao.

  7. You know that the vaping "youth epidemic" is called "JUULING" and all these anti-vaping groups and fda has a problem with it, right? So….why they just dont BAN JUUL'S! JUUL is the biggest problem to us as a community, as the youth is all getting caught with them. Put this on blast next episode. Mahalo again Wayne, Aloha

  8. Mahalo Wanye, keep scraping and keep us updated! I'm doing the best I can from Maui fighting against flavorban and Bill's, having customers oppose and sending testimonials to fda, government, and Senate's… this is a tough battle, we will probably get hit with a flavorban real soon, due to the fact of lacking in individual testimonials, last hearing was 300/60. Very poor! So thinking heavily on selling Unflavored Nic'd liquid, and making and gifting Flavored Shots after sale.

  9. I smoked for 27 years and quit a year ago. I vape various fruit-vapes, with no nicotine – wouldn´t vape tobacco or menthol, so I need the good tasting e-liquid. Thanks to DIY or DIE I can make my own and make sure I stay smoke-free in the future as well.

  10. From what i can tell about this guy he is very puzzling. It doesn't make any sense, no sense at all, why someone in government could speak with an industry rep. and just be open and honest about some guidelines. We could work together to get rid of teen use, bad labeling, they could tax and get their money. Since vaping works they could make constant money instead of fucking up lives and killing people with cigarettes, chantix and their previous methods. I feel like everyone in government is just an old fuck who are all stubborn and are actually not even as smart or level headed as the average person like me and you. Like if the new fda guy took a coulle days to learn about vaping from one of us who knows all about it and had that conversation that i mentioned above then alll of this could be solved within a week. This same issue also goes way beyond vaping, its happening with other things also. Why is this country beating its head against the wall and doing absolutely nothing but going backwards when many many solutions are so simple i could make a 12 year old understand them? Are humans actually devolving into a forever bitching never learning being? Haha, seriously though.

  11. When I smoked cigarettes and caught any kind of a cold, it used to develop into a horrible bronchial infection. Ever since I started vaping (over a year ago) and completely gave up cigarettes, IT DOESN'T.
    I'd love to see the science behind that.

  12. Awesome video! All I know, is that someone who used to get pneumonia more than once every year; since I started vaping 6 yrs ago, I NO longer get pneumonia. Yeah I tried Chantix and it made me so sick and nauseated that I flushed it down the toilet. Makes no sense what Gottlieb's doing. Makes no sense that he would approve a drug that's 10x stronger. Whatever they (FDA) decides, they won't dampen my spirit and I will continue to vape…….bottom line!♥💨💨💨💨💨

  13. I disagree with "kids don't have money". One of my local B & Ms supply's the local highschool. Cash only, back door. Then kids sell to other kids and make money. It's a whole mini industry! I have a teen who has seen everything going on for the last 3 yrs. It's ridiculous!

  14. I'm a vaper who is about to get screwed by NY Democrats, who think the government should tell you what's good for you and run your life, and you're bagging on President Trump? He gets over 90% negative coverage in the media. You're using that same media for your sources. FDA is all about money, always has been. That has zero to do with President Trump.

  15. A way back in the day a doctor in an orphanage performed an experiment one winter. He put through the heating duct in one dormitory a mist that contained pure pg. The other dorm he left normal heated air. His observations were that the boys in treated dorm got less upper respiratory infections and cases of the flu. Hospitals to this day use a pg fogger to disinfect rooms. I'm not surprised by the chronic nose infected guy got better. If, I do catch an upper respiratory bug, it's gone in like three days and it doesn't get into my chest. It's a side affect of my vaping. 😀

    The FDA is a rogue agency and are not out for the public health. We as individuals need to file individual lawsuits against what they are attempting to do with our community and industry. It's time we started applying pressure of our own. DIY or DIE! They'll never stop my vaping or take my lovely vanilla cream and Bourbon,caramel tobacco away! My peaches and cream or my raspberry vanilla bean ice cream. The government has no business telling me what I can or cannot use for my personal health! They shouldn't be in the health industry period except to do non biased inspections of medications and equipment to a degree.

  16. They are all corrupt. I would be done with it all, but I love watching these corporate idiots and so-called experts getting exposed. BTW…I had an xray of my lungs done a year ago for another matter, but I had started vaping(at the same time)not to quit smokin, but to quit nic lozenges, and now the pulmonologist said my health and lung function is much better than last year when I wasn`t inhaling anything except smog. I guess it kind of cleaned me out.

  17. This probably sounds like a dumb idea, I usually go for the most severe method to crush a problem because, hey, it's easy and efficient. But what if, instead of trying to change all this stuff about the vaping industry, they just went after the problem teens that are vaping. Fine their parents, send them to juvie, make them work community service, something that will really send the message "Hey, you little assholes, quit vaping, you're going to fuck up a whole industry!"

  18. Gottlieb was asked to resigned. He had no plans to leave. The opposite is true. And that's a really dangerous thing. He wasn't as strict and fast in regulating vaping, banning flavors…as some people wanted him to be. He wasn't the hardliner they wanted to see in his position. And Trump, the vaping rescuer, finally goes after our pockets. No surprise there. It's getting more and more crazy…unbelievable. Btw: I think that vaping can cure more bacteria based diseases. For example staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria resistant to penicillin-based medicine. There have been cases reported recently.

  19. Saw on my local news kids are now vaping these caffeine pods that are hitting the market. Going to be interesting to see if that takes. Just more crap the vaping community will have to deal with

  20. The FDA will eventually take it all away UNLESS vaping becomes pharmaceutical. Altria knew what they were doing when they bought 1/3 of Juul and now are trying to turn it into a. Pharmaceutical company. They'll be the only one left standing in a few years. Juul will be right there beside gum and patches in every retailer, including Walmart.

  21. I cant say that vaping will clear up an infection, but what i can say is when i smoked i got upper respiratory tract infections and bronchitis every year, sometimes more than once a year. Since ive been vaping and not smoking for the last 5 years i have not had an infection nor bronchitis even once. So i know not smoking has alot to do with that. I go to the Dr every month as im in pain management and my Dr noticed that my lungs sounded as she put it "like a nonsmoker" about 3 years ago. So basically after 2 years of vaping my lungs were back to functioning and sounding like a nonsmokers lungs.

  22. I think when the FDA gets done with us we're we're going to have very few flavors and a very small and expensive vape Market there's also talk that businesses will have to Pull all products that came after 2016 off the shelves 😔

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