1. Our Cannabis Oil is Pure and potent.Never watered down or diluted,just 100% pure cannabis oil extracted from top quality marijuana grown by us and other professional cultivators in California,laboratory tested,then offered for sale here. We have helped so many people who were suffering for cancerous diseases and other different kinds of diseases with this cannabis oil, but today they are all cancer free and living a happy life, Our cannabis oil is packaged in 1 gram and 3.5 gram disposable syringes for easy dispensing. This product kills pains, gives you good body relaxing, make you have good sleep, and it has the power to kill and destroy any types of cancer in human body within 90 days of treatment (3 months} like Oral Cavity Cancers
    Lung Cancer
    Brain Tumor
    Skin Cancer
    Throat ( Larynx ) Cancer
    Liver Cancer
    Bone Tumors
    Colon and Rectal Cancer
    Breast Cancer
    Bladder Cancer
    Stomach Cancer
    Pancreatic Cancer
    Pediatric Oncology & Hematology
    Prostate Cancer
    Endometrial ( Uterus ) Cancer
    Cervical ( Cervix ) Cancer
    Thyroid Cancer
    Ovarian Cancer
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  2. 2-17 my sis sister has brain cancer they operated and it took most of her eyesight we were told it's terminal, a week ago we started use an oil spot from a dispensary in California we're going to be making our own, I hope there's truth to this if it works I'll shout it from the Mountaintop every person I see

  3. Hats off to medical doctors for their dedication to the profession. That said, they are the puppets of the pharmaceutical giants who have only the greed and no interest in the welfare of the public. The only scientific evidence which the governments accept is the one they want to accept. Who is who – once you learn the banking system, insurance, pharmaceutical, education all are one. That's the system. Natural cures are all around us!

  4. What stupidity! Cannabis contains 33 different carcinogens (cancer-causing agents. Cannabis causes myelodysplasia which is a blood cancer. The thousand dollar insight is that this man some how thinks that the same marijuana that caused his Cancer will cure his cancer. Marijuana makes matters worse by lowering the bodies natural immune system which is the fundamental way our bodies naturally destroys cancer cells. The wealthy marijuana industrial complex is looking for gullible people to believe their propaganda and fake news so that they can become wealthier and kill off more gullible dope addicts. So sad.

  5. the endocannabinoid system… it is what cannabis use acts on in every human… cannabinoids regulate cellular health and eliminate disease via cellular lipid signalling

  6. Very few people know what cancer truly is… it is evolution incarnate. Changes occur that create a cascade of events that ultimately cause cells to lose the ability to stop dividing and respond to growth and immune signalling/checkpoints. As these cells grow and duplicate, they produce sometimes thousands of distinctive "cell lines", and as the immune system tries to beat back the spread of the disease, a form of natural selection is imposed. Only cells that have gained mutations that allow them to ignore immune responses get to live and reproduce, and this is why the disease is so notoriously hard to treat. Be very, very skeptical whenever you hear anything advertised as being able to cure cancer. Who's cancer? What cancer? Every cancer cell? Two people, one with lung cancer and one with bowel cancer, don't have the same disease. Two people with lung cancer do not have the same disease. Two people with non small cell lung cancer do not have the same disease. But what is truly terrifying about it is that if you look inside an individual person's cancer, their cancer cannot be considered the same disease. Just about every cancer treatment does what it is supposed to do, it kills SOME cancer cells, but these cells are not all the same. With widespread genetic and epigenetic changes occurring within a cancer, there is great variability amongst the cancer cells. If a treatment is administered and the size of the tumor shrinks, it likely killed SOME cancer cells, but those that remain will likely be unaffected by the same treatment later. THIS IS THE CRUX OF CANCER. A person with stage IV cancer can have trillions of cancer cells in their body, and the chance that a single substance will kill every single one of these cells without harming normal tissues is next to impossible. Marijuana, as prescribed clinically, is mostly used to treat symptoms of cancer such as angiogenesis and alleviate some of the effects like loss of appetite and nausea from chemo. If you are reading this and you are facing cancer, be very careful how you choose your course of treatment. Marijuana does produce some antitumoral effects, is very safe, and can be used in tandem with some other treatments, but talk to your doctor and evaluate what is the best choice given the state of your disease. We keep hearing stories about patients whose lives were saved by "x" treatment, but you don't hear about the tens of thousands that tried that treatment who it didn't work for.

  7. Doctors and most RN's and other people in "western medicine" have no clue….nor are they allowed to know anything about the cannabinoids…..or the endocannabinoids….for obvious reasons: economic, the truth about "true chemistry" and findings with cannabinoids, etc.

    Who needs an RN to help them with their' patients care in the US today? Let's get in contact with each other….today!

  8. "Conventional medicine…..has little to offer anyone"….period. After seeing patients for 21 years as an RN…..who knows more about chemistry than most MD's….obviously no offense…."they're very defensive"…..we need to legalize the cannabinoidal "chemistry" NOW.

    I would work for any legitimate medical firm….not a medical facility….but a "company" that could help with cannibus distribution, growth of plants, or logistics…..just ask me!

  9. There is information on cannabis treatments for cancer all over the net !! and the big pharma companies of course would love to sell their drugs to pro long your life but with the side effects is it the life you would so wish to live !! profit should never come from illness.
    After all the science into these drugs etc is after all our money !! so why do we pay for it once to be asked then to pay again.
    This is not right. Why do these drug companies use our money to research into drugs they then sell them to us ??? surely if we have paid their wages and for the research we own it not them ……. they all forget they are actually working for us using our money etc.
    Without our money in the first place they would have no job so surely that should be enough.
    Big pharma is not about healing, mainly it is about profit.
    With other remedies out there they are all about healing not profit.
    Cannabis was used as a medicine before big pharma and if the World Health Association was not allowed to be corrupted by big pharma they would still be using it !! when big pharma offered doctors and governments percentages of 30% and above of the profit they soon changed their minds regardless to whether the magic powder indeed worked or not.
    Many practices of cannabis treatment were sponsored by Governments and with great results i might add.
    People were told by doctors that they were unable to help them as their cancer had gone from 3rd to 4th stage (Terminal). One hospital was having these such patients through their doors and actually curing 97% of patients sent by the doctors. I mean this is not fiction it was factual and still is in Mexico with the same old remedies.
    the problem with health matters is so many people think they have the right to gain from your misfortune. Of course it does not surprise me as the Arms companies have been doing the same for years. This is so wrong and has to be put to a stop.
    Governments need to take testing and research and production of drugs in house and away from The Big Fat Corporate Companies. Then giving the power back to the people that pay for it and therefore have right to it !!

  10. Specialist cancer doctor – "we have no idea how cannabis works on tumors".

    Well in the 1970's Americans knew THC was a tumour suppresor, and they patented it. it's a real shame on the medical profession for not doing their own research. now we see cancer can be killed by some of the active substances in cannabis as well as other natural NON TOXIC substances. The real problem seems that the doctors are taught by big pharmaceutical companies what drugs to give and this is a BIG scam.

  11. GOD created marijuana , so let people benefiting from marijuana be allowed to use it!! SICKENING how "modern medicine" has been so ingrained into people's minds as the ONLY WAY of curing people!! One gets the feeling that even discussing alternative treatments is TABOO!!! Any treatment that deviates from the usual worn out, and in many, many cases, deadly path of "modern medicine" , you are considered to be an ignorant idiot!! ALWAYS REMEMBER to keep an open mind concerning treatments for cancer, and DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE BULLIED INTO ONLY TAKING THE WORN OUT PATH TO FIGHTING CANCER , KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN!!!

  12. Just to let you all know, Sam was a friend, the brother of one of my best friends.
    He died early last week.
    Cannabis doesn't cure cancer. Love can't even cure cancer and that is a lot more powerful drug.
    So, love to all of you.

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