1. Yeah I was gonna say this doesn't really capture the panic and frustration of washing dishes after a dinner rush. With the kitchenware being piled high in the window and the china coming in from the floor, it can be demoralizing if you're faint of heart.

  2. I love washing dishes! I worked retail for 11 years making $11 an hour. I decided it’s time for a change. I’ve had my dishwashing job for a month now. I’m making $7 an hour. It’s a small café. Not very busy, so I do prep too. I love working alone and not having to deal with customers.

  3. As a Dishwasher I too have very Similar Duties. Same with the Next Person. I too use the Prong Racks for Plates. And the flat Racks for Silverwares & Ramikins. For the Hard stuck on stuffs. I just put it into the Machine. And have the hot water Loosen them. Then i Rewash them once their soften. Scrub them out. Than put back in machine for 2nd Time. Afterwards. they come out Spotless. Rather than Scrub while their hard. Afterwards. I put away Everything. To make my counter Clean for the next person.

  4. My dish pit doesn't look like this. Especially on Tuesdays. The other dishwasher works just two days(Sunday and Monday) And I get back on Tuesday and have to spend two hours washing his crusty leftover dishes from the day before. But first I have to check under the dish machine for silverware and broken plates. And get a cook to help me take out the trash from Monday, since he doesn't believe in swapping out the bag when it starts getting heavy from all the wasted food. Can't take the bag out of the can, it would certainly tear. Shit, can hardly even lift the can off the ground. Have to get a second person to help lift it over the compacter, turn it upside down, and bash it til the garbage slides out.

  5. Start my first shift tomorrow as a dishwasher ;-; Fridays are always the busiest so there's going to be more than 1 dishwasher helping me but im still nervous I'm going to fuck up..

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