1. Oh this modern day satanic deceived people. Try to come over as normal and nice. Still the same rituals. Since ancient times. Shhh don't get fooled they still rape and eat babies and children.

  2. I want you to know that these videos you make don't go unnoticed, there are people like me who appreciate you. It really makes me sad to see people in this world trying to decieve people. There is a spiritual war going on that we can't see. There is a demon behind that man. He may or may not know it but he is being controlled by Satan. If people get mad at your videos for exposing them, too bad! PRAISE JESUS! You are full of discernment from God. You are doing God's will and you will be blessed. You will be in the kingdom of God. I hope to be in heaven with you. God bless this man and protect him always in Jesus name, Amen!

  3. He’s an obvious agent of Satan, this idiot fools only the fools! This idiot will be the master to the demon who’s assisting him now………. he’s fooling the ‘fools’ that’s all… DARK DEMON

  4. You can’t set there and try to tell people you don’t believe in Satan and you don’t have a religion RIGHT AFTER you say oh yes I’m a liar and a deceiver the having a pentagram on your hand and wearing a aliester Crowley shirt and be trying to lie and say you have to brand yourself umm yeah your promoting and wearing something with the most wicked pedophile who literally didn’t care and was absolutely a sick demon! It’s funny if these people claim that all of us Christan’s are crazy and are lunatics and idiots and we don’t l ow what we’re talking about and we are the liars then why do they even care to respond and make multiple videos trying to explain themselves I mean people have called me a bitch and and whore and I know that I’m not you don’t see me going and tattooing it on my skin or wearing things that say bitch and whore. Hmm. And they don’t take any other religion or religious book statues anything and mock it, destroy it, and just do everything to prove they are cheat. But the do it to Christan’s, and Jesus, and the Bible, and cross. I mean why try so hard to prove we are crazy and yes they made their choice and make it all seem like a joke that’s how they deceive people making it look like a joke then try to make people look stupid by saying oh lean how to spell and grammar and punctuation to deflect. And you wouldn’t e using all the symbolism if you wasn’t A part of it. And if the idiot isn’t in it yet then he’s trying to it’s why they do it why they use the symbolism to move their way into selling out wait till they find out they have to have anal sex, eat poop and pee, (from what I’ve heard I don’t know if that’s true or not I only comment on facts) but it’s absolutely crazy and excise my language and god forgive me but if you are promoting a wicked pedophile who killed and tortured kids and people then you are a piece of Shit. They will be in hell with all their rockstars, celebrities, magicians, satanic church people an figures, and Satan. What will it take for them to realize Satan hates them and the only reason he does anything is bc he doesn’t want any human to go to heaven because he got threw out and can’t go back and satan always comes to collect what he wants from you. I feel sorry for this man and all of them I pray for them and we all should bc let me tell you the truth none of us Christan’s are perfect or sin free Jesus said so and so did god. We all need to repent and try our best to live better and more holy lives and try to wake up and save as many as we can even if we save one that’s more then none!!! Jesus bless and protect all of you he loved you he died on the cross for your sins god sent his only son to go through horrible excruciating torture and die on the cross for your sins! He loves you so much he even loves the wicked and we are all suppose to love the sinner hate the sin. And people need to realize that they are our brothers and sisters and we need to help them!!!

  5. It's like you put a shirt on whith a pic of Hitler on it and you say whut is jist a shirt of you wher aliester crowley on your shirt you a dum fuck he a mas murder raped hundres of kids I wish I kood kick this guy in is head

  6. Literally if you take 5 mins and do a google search on pretty much any magic trick, you can buy it. The only devil in any industry is money you fucking fanatics, think about it, just fucking think about it, if you had demonic powers would you really be doing card tricks, or just lifting up a little wooden man? (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D3M81XR/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=chrirams-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B07D3M81XR&linkId=3e8c9d94040d9e78633bbe068549c662 Link to where you can buy that trick which Chris gave in his video that was conveniently left out by James) You idiots think you are 'awoken' but really none of you can see past the end of your own fucking nose.

  7. 1. It clearly states in the bible that the devil and company would not BE SO FUCKING OBVIOUS. If you misinterpret the BIBLE YOU GO TO HELL. And having the name MIGHTY is a middle finger up to god and you will go to HELL. Your eternal soul is at stake! Christians, James Mighty is the devil- hidden behind a computer keyboard, it says in the bible that you wont even know its him——-do not follow him into hell, save yourselves. Go to church, and pray for him………. or you can use your god given brains and see that this video was stolen and re edited to make you believe one thing – almost the same slight of hand that Chris uses——–so who is the devil HERE I ASK YOU!!!!!!
    Its probably me, as I often pick things up from one aisle in a shop and decide I dont want it, and put it back in the wrong place as Im that lazy. Ps. This message is SARCASTIC…..I learned it from Chris.

  8. Nope, I am going to mock you. You clearly are either so stupid you genuinely believe this, in which case I feel sorry for you, or you are lying to your viewers, in which case you are more of a monster than you claim Chris Ramsay to be.

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