Cops use helicopter and heat to detect marijuana grow operations in UK.

New technology cops use a helicopter to spot marijuana grow rooms.. This is not F.L.I.R. because FLIR only works good at night. This new technology gives the …


  1. You poor saps have no rights. Muslims run grooming gangs you're courts dont protect children but yet took away your right to firearms to protect the children supposedly figure that out. Cameras on you everywhere no right to privacy pay a tv license fee!!! Bend over and grab your ankles getting fucked with no lube yeah!!

  2. Horrible people.. God gave us herbs and they have a problem with that. But they are ok with you going doctors for morphine. Because one is a killer and one has more medicinal properties in them then the nhs.

  3. All these potheads in the comment section think everyone is like them. Not everyone is a peacful hippy just looking to relax and enjoy good weed. Illegal growing operations are surrounded by other gang violence and turf wars for control of areas. People bitching about cops arresting them, its better than if a gang finds them. You already know what would happen.

  4. It’s a fucking plant. I know that’s like one of the worst defenses but seriously. Marijuana is not a gateway drug, it’s also not even as harmful as cigarettes (assuming you don’t smoke marijuana like less than a few times a week). Also, not everyone smokes it for just the fun of being high, they do it because they’re stressed or their anxious and that calms them and relaxes them. Whatever. Idk if my points are really all that valid but I’ve done research

  5. Great to know that the UK is using invasive, expensive technology and manhours searching for plants while ignoring apartment towers that have no fire protections so dozens die in fiery infernos.
    Love how they call a plant garden a "factory."
    End the drug war.

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