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  2. Hi I used to be against marijuana but CBD has really helped me I have bed anxiety do to epilepsy this is Gods beautiful natural medicine I should have used a long time ago I can't speak for everybody but has really helped me

  3. I started taking it yesterday. I have bad anxiety that fucked with my life hard. It’s brilliant and truly works. It’s stopped a lot of negative thoughts too and I’m not bothered anymore. Really happy with the change and I wish everyone the best

  4. Hi . I’m on Klonapin . 0.5 mg twice a day . I just started taking as of today CBD oil . It’s mixed with Coconut nut oil and it’s 30 mg . I used 2 drops under the tonge. And I felt good all day . I have horrible anxiety I’ve had it all my life I practice yoga ect .. klonapin isn’t the best drug I know . I’ve been on klonapin for many years . I do suffer from joint pain and depression to . I just needed some relief I work and I suffer from stress and anxiety at work to . I feel like me , today . After taking CBD . My question is is it safe to take with Klonapin

  5. I typed in that CBDbest.com and it didn't make any sense and the webpage changed to "Cannanames.com" or something and it showed huge amounts of money and pictures and no explanation. I am taking 900 mg. twice a day for and injury and pain and joint stiffness with back issues. I have however noticed my dreams are extremely vivid and I just had a nightmare and woke up. NO thc. Hmm maybe I should cut back and only take it once a day.

  6. Not funny how the system f*#ks you up get this bro take that cbd to chill ur system out while u get a grip of this , listen here you cant turn anxiety or anxious off it belongs to you, there ur sensory system facility's you just need to caim down and listen to ur self you will realize it you doing it to you (no hate) just looking out for another i suffered bad for year it traps you, you cant escape from a prison if you dont now your in one plz type in bob procter on anxiety he will explain fast why ur getting and how and how to use it and control so its as good as off but helping you plz check you will laught when you realize we do it to are self what every happen in the past discharge live the present day not the past ur here not there use ur knowledge dont be scared we are amazing beens, we're just a bunch of tetrahedral cells all 50 trillion listen to bob hes been in the business for 55yrs you cant listen to anybody better you can even test it on ur self and watch ur own programme call a paradigm just stick to it even if you dont feel like it that how you start changing things follow his instructions remember the prison bob give you the key to leave happy calm in control proud and high off life its self we are amazing peace dont question thats what landed you here in the first place open ur mind and listen bottom line, help others and you will be helped very simply ask and it shall be given, knock and it will be answered to you blame your self draw a line forgive your self and step forward also listen to eric Thompson (ET) he had what you have what ive had now i control it , it took me 12month every day first 20 mins when i rise very important plz try dont knock unless you want to keep blameing and hating ur self give ur self time to adjust baby steps untill u can adapt to your surrounding take care ur'll learn the rest your self remember bob procter explains anxiety

  7. What does help to you? I’m still trying to figure that out for myself. Thanks! I felt great the first day I took it, but haven’t been able to replicate that affect since then.

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  9. CBD is an awesome nutrient, but i noticed for myself that combining with different herbs and essential oils it improved the effects significantly. I liked it so much I decided to start making a product and selling it online. It's gotten really good feedback, but I've just started. I combine it with reishi spores, turmeric, black cumin seed oil, frankincense, myrrh, saffron, sandalwood oil, catuaba, and an amazing terpene called beta caryophyllene..It's in tiny amounts in CBD, but it's worth adding more to. The research on BC is really amazing and it activates CB2 receptors. I'd really love to get this product out there more. It's not on the market or branded. I'm an herbalist and nutritionist and have wanted to make products for years. I'd really love to get some more feedback and earn business over whatever CBD product you're using and prove to people that CBD can evolve and improve still. If you're interested, please contact me at [email protected]hotmail.com I've always felt that CBD oils and products were way overpriced also..

  10. Anyone else catch a buzz from CBD?!? And no its NOT placebo. Here in Ga where we are about as non progressive on the MJ front as you can be, we have over the counter CBD products from oil to wax dabs, edibles, lotions ect. My city is actually about to take the first step to do the common sense thing and decriminalize possession of less than a Oz of this medicine called cannabis :). Far from legal or even full medical but in the deep south this is a huge step.

    I have been seeing these legal CBD products in head shops and some gas stations even, and thought it must be a wash because of the legality. Not until 2 days ago did I try some CBD products that a friend gave me. Wow! I was so surprised and shocked at the effectiveness of this molecule on my anxiety. I am currently prescribed 8mgs of klonopin a day for my anxiety disorder, been on the nasty benzos for 5 years now which is an absurd amount of "medicine" and time. So when I speak to the effectiveness of CBD Atleast for anxiety I feel I have plenty of years of experience to back up my claim.

    I was also very surprised at the "buzz" I got from the CBD products. First time I wrote it off as possible placebo. Mainly due to the very danky taste the drops and candy had. Second time, a day later there was no denying. The buzz I get, which from what I read is very hit or miss according to product and individual brain chemistry. It was a bit "subtle", but plenty enough to say "hey whaaaats up brah" couch lock typical indica total peaceful buzz with a tad bit of headdyness. Eyes even got red and mild cotton mouth. I was as high as about one or two tokes of swagg, wasn't forgetting what I said 5 seconds afterwards or anything that strong lol. So your miles may vary, they say a small part of the population can achieve a noticeable high from CBD. last time I consumed cannabis was blue dream wax via Vape 5 weeks ago, and before that was a month or two, so I suspect my system was pretty damn clean of THC and tolerance at about zero, this may also have played apart in the high I achieved.

    Georgia is totally non legal and draconian in its laws about MJ, but we still have very good top shelf strains of MJ which is called loud here, and wax such as blue dream ect, on the black market readily available. So I am very familiar with high and low THC flowers and concentrates. So nearly 20 years of smoking and vaping high grade, mids, and swagg I know a good cannabis buzz.

    This revelation of this wonderful medicine has me very stoked to get toked, haha pun intended. I want to taper off of the klonopin and am planning on doing so with the CBD products. I can't wait to get to my headshop and make some purchases! I also underestimated kratoms effectiveness and buzz too because of the legality of it.

    I've seen their wax's, isolates, edibles ect when I bought my wax Vape pen from them about a year ago for my not so legal (here) wax.

    God bless, and I hope if you are on the fence about trying this out like I was, you give it a try and benefit from it as much as I seem to be.

  11. I love cbd I used to smoke weed but I had to stop I just got my cbd today and my back doesn't hurt my feet don't hurt nothing hurts anymore and that is amazing I have to hide it from my grandfather but that isn't a problem lol I'm glad it doesn't give me the head high but I didn't know until I tried it at home this stuff is amazing

  12. Cool. Which ones have the most amount of THC in the oil? I suffer from those things but also a lot of back, joint, muscle pain and PTSD from childhood stuff as well as military. What would sedate me as well as all the CBD benefits?

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