1. what dose are you giving your child, i just bought some cbd for my 8 year old looking for resources and other peoples dose see if i come to a dose that makes sense

  2. My son is 28 months and has no expressive speech. He can label things but is speech delayed, expressive-wise. My 4 year old has anxiety but I am taking her to a therapist to see if that helps. I just started considering CBD oil for my son. He has other delays as well. It scares me how he could hurt themself. What dosage do you recommend for a 28 month old?

  3. Hi, my youngest is 26 months and is delayed in speech, he does say some stuff, but no where where he should be. He's so smart and vocal just not using as many real words. We just had 2 assessments and are just waiting to hear back. I don't think fron what I feel and what they have said that he is autistic, but do you think the CBD oil would help with speech even if he isn't autistic?

  4. Hi,
    An amazing story and well done to you, as a father of a child with autism I know the struggles. I am so happy your girls are doing so well. I would be a fool not to be curious about cbd. Do you mind if I ask what brand you are using and how often it's given?

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