Cannabis flowering day 63

Cannabis flowering day 63 Washington State Medical legal Medical grow. Dedicated to helping growers and patients who want to grow their own high quality …


  1. Almost same situation here only can grow 4 plants here in canada.take care like a said nice plants .I haven't grown in 5 years and started a grow there 1st week in flower so just getting some info from you and others.keep. Up the grow

  2. Wow great for grower you are the king in my eyes I’ve Learnt so much from your videos and you such a kind person to what I see and hear from your videos and your donations keep up the good work peace out take care all the way from the UK 🤗😀

  3. BEAUTIFUL. That fade !! Sorry to hear it's so fucked up with the laws, I don't have a ton of plants either. And the way you run things, is about what everyone should do. If we can live our hobby, produce top notch quality and keep them up, I am happy. Very glad to have you represent the REAL grower in your part of the world. Keep that passion.

  4. Washington messed up on every law going with marijuana. Everyone growing thinking they'd become millionaires growing weed haha! Messed up the prices and quality, you shouldn't be allowed to grow for more then one patient in my opinion. Either grow for yourself or for a friend in need! 6 plants is still a good amount, here in Oregon we can only have 4 plants. Then again we have good laws from the start! Unlike Washington where the marijuana industry is shit haha

  5. Really nice results my brother!  What a strange twist in the effects of recreational legalization.  I personally hate when idiots with money think they can do anything well.  It happens in the baking and restaurant industry all the time.  It probably makes ya sick to have to work with that crap when you know how to do it right 😉

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