1. – Nike has a slight advantage of over UnderArmour in terms of their fundamentals due to their positive cash flows, asset efficiency, and profitability.
    – Nike is in an uptrend, but UnderArmour is slowly catching up too.
    – Nike is a more suitable investment for the risk-averse investors while UnderArmour presents an attractive opportunity for the more adventurous financiers.
    Source: https://www.stockmetrix.net/articles/post/060618/rich-stock-would-you-rather-wear-nike-or-underamour

  2. Just to mention there are other companies that have returned as well ie
    NVDA is 36.36% YTD,
    BP is 13.91% YTD
    BPT is 38.25% YTD (is speculative)
    ICPT is 33.35% YTD (I don't own)
    INTC is 26.14% YTD
    SCCO is 21.38% YTD
    BBY is 16.29% YTD
    NE is 36.12% YTD

    There are many more of course. I recommend joining either Seeking Alpha, StockInvestor or one of the other stock analyst sites.

  3. One word can kill anyone.. Example..Kohls and whoever that stupid fuck was the day earnings were announced.I've been making money on KSS two yrs trading..Very very well..Bought as low as 40's and sold as high as 67. Then it happened.. Earnings announced and they beat their numbers yet stock fell over 5 bucks..Y? Cuz some yahoo said they were AFRAID for the coming quarters.TY you twat. I lost all my shares on my stop-loss under 65..Here it is at 77!!! Two weeks later..I'd like to meet that bastard somewhere. Anyone who doesn't believe these fuckers manipulate their own stock prices is a fool..People are just so stupid though.So that day they thought kohls was gonna die? Yet for the next two weeks the same stocks broken through its 52 week high..SUSPECT!!!! Us small timers can only hope we're not fucked by these scum suckers..

  4. Great video Ryan! I'm also an owner of AMAT, AMZN and GE. I've been fortunate to own AMAT since 2009 and just want to share something to consider. Historically, AMAT has been extremely cyclical, swinging from hugely profitable years to big money losing in others. Because of that, the best times to buy AMAT have been when the P/E is high or possibly even when negative (bottom of cycle) and best to sell when P/E's are low (top of cycle). With that said, I don't think AMAT is nearly as cyclical as it was in the past, but still something to consider. I've sold shares in the past, but have no plans to sell any of my shares right now.

    BTW… I own AMZN slightly under $300 per share (yay!) and GE in the mid-$16's (boo!). Cheers…

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