Basic cannabis cloning – tips for success

Simple, effective technique for the medical grower to clone a desirable plant. Taking cuttings from your known good female cannabis plants (cloning them) is the …


  1. Or you can just boil water and pour over yellow or green willow branches. not dried out branches only green. set for 25 hours, cover container with lid or tin foil. 1 to 10 days to root.

  2. I guess all those medicines is what makes these ones "medicinal".

    And the plants which munch veggies instead are what make people veg and munch.

    How much more growing energy would a plant have if it was fed meth? Would it have no effect at all? Instant death? Maybe lost track of time and forget to bud? Just tremble a lot and rob other plants?

    In any case, I wouldn't recommend smoking that plant.

    The video ones go in my maybe pile, until I find out what those products are.

  3. These vids are super helpful in understanding the reasoning behind the steps, in which all other youtube vids lack, and would love to also see all the progress scenarios of the plants. That would be awesome, thanks!

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