1. so if the mnfg is real deal they send you a new one. with ongoing follow up .. im outta the talk market now 20yrs since mr. greedsteinberger came in so … ya … thanks

  2. That's what makes me never buy a vepo pen. Whenever they send with a charger to the vepo pen there is always such a jack. in my country do not use such sockets. like that when buying grow lamp the same outlet .. so stick to ice bong until'they come on some better outlet for these vepos and vepos for hasch and they shud get insted a big bong cup in the new vepos beccouse that little cup in smoke in one blow its not wurth it even hehhee

  3. Worse vap I've ever bought. 85$ and it sucked…….never worked and I hated the coil and AND HEATING ELEMENT!!!!! Plus cleaning it almost after every use. I'd pack it and got nothing half times I used it. Just bought Atmos Jump…… LOVE IT WAY MUCH MORE

  4. I got the atmosrx pen exclusively for bubble hash. It worked great for about a dozen sessions then the coils quit working. I wouldn't recommend this pen, at least not for bubble hash.

  5. not sure what the spanish is but i see the word combustion. that is not good for dry herbs. it totally voids all the health benifits to vaping your herb. when you use a real vaperizor you will have a material left that is brown and dark in color. which can then be used to make cannibutter. when you spend the money to get a good vape, youll be able to get two uses out of your bud. how incredible is that.

  6. yeah the fact the rubber moves is a huuge flaw mine recently tore due to excessive use and now i have to put the little button in manually each time i wanna use is.

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