Albanian police burn more than 10 tonnes of marijuana

Subscribe to ITN News: Albanian police seize more than 10 tonnes of marijuana in a major operation against cannabis growers in the …


  1. Well that was money well spent, not only did they waste money on the loss of a potential money maker, but they wasted money and put peoples lives at risk by sending in police to burn it all. They, and the rest of the world should take a leaf from the book of the president of Uruguay and other countries that are ending Ronald Reagans war on drugs, and finding a more effective peaceful solution that can genrerate revenue and decrease crime.

  2. Legalize it tax it. People that want it will pay less and the government will make money. Prohibition has never worked. The more they destroy the more expensive it becomes. All that will do is make a more attractive proposition for people to grow it and cash in. Less fights and bad behaviour as opposed to alcohol. If you can't beat it use it to your advantage. And they will never beat it. It's a no brainer from what I can see. I dont even smoke it.     

  3. What fcuking idiocy is this? Why didn't they sell it to a country where pot is legal? Such pollution must be illegal by any country's regulations surely? And the dispersal of a controlled drug on the public in that area to? What a very stupid thing to do with 4.5bn euros????????????????? Erm, no they should not be part of the EU and nether should we!!

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