40 Days of Hemp Seed Oil for a Pain-Free Menstrual Cycle

“Two teaspoons of hemp oil a day keeps the menstrual cramps at bay.” ~Unknown PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO HEMP SEED OIL: …


  1. My fears on my condition were gone after discovering this fibroids treatment “nusum hope press” (Google it). Of all the fibroids guides I`ve read, this is the only which comes with genuine and reliable solution. It took me only 3 months of using your processes to eliminate the fibroids from my body.

  2. going to start today for my fibroids.. but I have been juicing too for 6 months and I know that it does help a lot during my menses. Cramping and pain were used to be so unbearable now they are like almost non-existence.

  3. I use hemp seed oil as a skin care routine. For over a year now I have had a strange a topic dermatitis. Dermatologist say I keep coming into contact with something that is causing an allergic reaction. I have literally went almost completely green as far as products in our home go. The hemp oil has completely gotten rid of any reactions on my skin. I also suffer from irregular menstrual periods, and severe pain. so now I know to try this out oraly and see what happens. Thank you so much for posting this! I hope to have a great review of how it has helped me.

  4. I've been searching for so long for some relief from my crippling cramps. Just received my hemp seed oil from Amazon. Will give it a try and keep you updated. Be blessed 😊☺️

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