1 YEAR OF CBD ✧ What Happened to Me

My experience taking CBD oil as an effective natural way to treat pain, reduce inflammation, menstrual cramps, and relieve anxiety. CBD Oil: …


  1. i wish i could afford it right now for my cramps. how much would you say it alleviates period pain? does it get rid of all of the pain? i have really bad cramps and for at least 6 hours of the day i get my period i am totally useless… i need to take naproxen or ibuprofen to function and i hate it :(.

  2. Do you feel the anxiety relief taking it the first time or is it something that takes continuous use? I will be flying in a few weeks and i HATE how anxious i get. I love my clary sage but i need something stronger lol

  3. Just started giving it to my animal companions, one for anxiety and the other for arthritis. I hope it helps them. Once its a little bit more affordable ill get some for myself. Love the necklace 😍

  4. I have found CBD oil very effective for calming anxiety. One example: as prep for driving in heavy city traffic, I put a dropper full in my water bottle and sip during the trip. It takes worry and anxious thoughts down a notch. I use a CBD salve which immediately takes inflammation away from cuts or torn cuticles, and found a CBD infused lip balm, terrific for healing and protecting chapped lips. Thanks for all you are doing!

  5. Thank you! I see this is an American company. Is it legal for them to ship to Canada? I also have a US mailing address but I don’t think we can bring it across the border in our car? I’d love to place an order. Thank you!

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