♡ FLORIDA Medical Marijuana Review ♡ | truCLEAR (edible THC oil)

starts getting weird at 1:23 (if u r watching and feeling bored at first) hello! Watch this to see me talk about & review an edible THC concentrate product (for FL …


  1. Enjoy learning from your product videos. I am interested in the TruClear and could use more instruction on how to cook with that product. How do you evenly add it without adding too much??

  2. I'm down for a community, I'm working on getting my MMJ card tired of when I am on the hunt for a job not being able to smoke to alleviate my insomnia because of per-screening.

  3. I'm a Florida medical marijuana patient too. I usually just get the vapes but this is my first time getting the truclear. I grabbed the Super Lemon Haze too. I'll join the "community" lol let's recruit

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