1. If the police officers all around the world keep covering the drug dealers´faces, they will never feel ashamed. If people recognized them on the internet, they will think it twice, next time they come out of jail.

  2. People actually need opiates to get by they get hurt and they need them it's the jerkoffs that abused them that give people a bad name now I can't get my medication because of people like that and I actually have bone disease amongst other things

  3. They talk about bigger fish but they could have used them to get more then just a measly half kilo….thats nothing compared to what those dudes probably had or have stashed away. The war on drugs is such a joke but i do have to say it's nice seeing them bag heroin instead of herbals.

  4. Mexicans run the prisons in az they control all the blk that comes through AZ I love some good Calga without the fentanyl Bs now everyone is smoked out on them m30 perks with fentanyl in them

  5. The cops seem very unprofessional not using gloves while rummaging through evidence. They could learn a thing or two from CNB Singapore

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