truCLEAR review: Clementine ♡ | + DIY LEGAL TOPICALS tutorial ♡ Florida Medical Marijuana ♡

13:11 is where the tutorial starts ~ Hi! In this video, I’ll be reviewing the legal medical cannabis product TruCLEAR from a dispensary in Florida called Trulieve …


  1. Wanted to take a moment to thank you for your videos. The Florida MMU leaves the patient at a terrible disadvantage regarding products, dosage, and use either through administration or application. These videos have been awesome in helping me figure out what to pick up, how to use it, and what apparatus is needed/ideal for its use.

  2. Glad your doing "Flordia cannabis reviews". But… could make this video so much better. If you just prepared better these videos wouldn't be so hard to watch. I know you have anxiety I also know you are a smart person. Take your time you say um ALOT your talking too fast. Your wording is a lil erratic. I really think you could make this channel something bigger than it is….just my cents.

  3. I absolutely dig the fact that your cranking out these medical marijuana videos from Florida's medical marijuana program. I love seeing other states medical marijuana patients experiences. Keep it up! Rather you believe it or not your a part of history! You are a vocal activist for medical marijuana. You along with other medical marijuana patients in America are on the side of marijuana history.

  4. girllll i still sneeze when i vape SLH hahahaha great video as always, im definitely gonna try to make my own topical & see how well it works for my stomach cramps! hopefully i can just mix it into my tanning lotion…

  5. Hey!!!! I kept wondering if you were here in Duval with me ! We should link up ! How long have you been a PT for? Its been about 2 years almost for me.

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