Tommy Chong Is Now 99% Cancer Free Using Rick Simpson's Cannabis Oil and New Diet

Tommy Chong changed is diet and used cannabis oil to reduce is prostate cancer! Tommy just admited on the Joe rogan podcast #237 that he is now 99% …


  1. Hard to get through this with having to watch and listen to "Still living on the Plantation" race baiting Don Lemon. I need marijuana from the nausea of looking at him.

  2. I have smoked reefer for my whole life. I also worked in the sun my whole life. Long story short i had skin cancer. HAD, IS THE MAGIC WORD. I used cannabis oil for my squamous cell carcinomas. 2months later they are almost completely gone. smoking it might not stop skin cancer but putting the oil on your skin kills it in its tracks.
    it really is a cure the drug companies don't want you to know about.
    I wish I could rub some CBD oil all over our government bureaucracy and get rid of the what really is cancer.

  3. Hey, is it just me, or did he say at 2:27 that he laid off pot for a whole year before he went to prison because he was having wired health problems and one was prostrate problems. He stopped doing pot and started a plant based diet, a year before he went to prison. So, was he cured before he went to person, and then contracted prostate cancer again, in prison?

    You know, oranges are good for most people, but if you burn them and breath in the smoke, my guess is the smoke will be bad for you. πŸ€”
    Why smoke pot when, it is better to eat it? That is if your concerned about your long-term health!

  4. chong man its just the sound of ir voice makes me smile sool big bro takes me right back to the time when i had all the movies on vhs .so happy ur good and well dude

  5. -I got cancer from smoking pot (from the SMOKE stupids) and now I use a vaporizer and concentrates. its like eating yourself into disease and when they remove your stomach they give you your favorite foods vitamin toothpaste.

  6. U idiots havent seen his interview where he said he ended up getting rectal cancer after using thc suppositories right? Then he went on chemo and that killed his cancer…. U idiots need science real bad lol

  7. As people get older, it is common knowledge the human body begins to wear out. Tommy Chong's claime that he got prostate cancer from bad food in jail is really kind of silly. I think his age had far more to do with it

  8. My view is de-criminal it first. If it's sold in stores then it's going to be taxed, that's the way stores work. BUT if it's sold at the farmers market as is tomatoes, squash , and okra then there isn't any tax. Sucks but it's a give and take when running a business and dealing with a government that thinks they are entitled to a little chunk of everything.

  9. Lemon Came From CHITOWN With ObombO I Think … Globalist Shills… All Presidents Are! For The Last 100yrs.
    When Did The FED Reserve (The Fed) Come Into Being?Peace;-))))Thanks Pres. Wilson

  10. in the 70s I got a D on a report that I did on George Washington when he was growing hemp. Our first flag was made out of hemp most of the clothing was made out of hemp and cotton back then. Up until all the synthetic rope came out what was the highest quality rope that you can buy hemp. but I'm not allowed to use it to cure my colon cancer because I'm on disability and if you get caught positive on a pee test you lose everything. especially out in Arizona if you get caught with one joint it's a felony.

  11. THE ONLY reason why Marijuana was made illegal to begin with is because the lumber, cigarette, and drug companies were against it because it would cut into their profits. Since they have big money they pretty much ruled the United States back then along with American Steel.

  12. I am so grateful to Dr. Rick Simpson for providing me with Cannabis oil and Rhino Horns here in the United State of

    America. I was diagnose with skin cancer 2 years and 3 weeks ago, and ever since then have done a lot of Chemo and

    Radiation that have not help me, but only damaged my immune system and render me weak and helpless. I came across the

    Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Hemp oil a lot and saw the Post that Dr. Rick Simpson could provide me with
    Cannabis Oil here is the State, i contacted him on: [email protected] for the procurement of this medication, to
    my surprise the medication was procured and delivered within 48 hours and i have been on treatment for the past 3 months.Am

    now here to testify that am no longer a cancer patient. I have experience a total transformation in my life with Dr.Rick

    Simpson Cannabis oil service. Below are the different types of illness he cured

    (1) Adeniod Cystic Carcinoma
    (2) Anal Cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinima)
    (3) Aplastic Anemia
    (4) Basal Cell Carcionoma
    (5) Bladder Cancer
    (6) Bone Cancer
    (7) Brain Cancer
    (8) Breast Cancer
    (9) Cervical Cancer
    (10) Colon Cancer
    (11) Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE)
    (12) Endometrial Cancer
    (13) Kidney Cancer
    (14) Leukemia
    (15) Liposarcoma
    (16) Liver Cancer
    (17) Lung Cancer
    (18) Lymphoma
    (19) Lymphoma
    (20) Melanoma
    (21) Neuroblastoma
    (22) Ovarian Cancer
    (23) Pancreatic Cancer
    (24) Parotid Salivary Gland Cancer
    (25) Pituitary Gland Tumor
    (26) Prostate Cancer
    (27) Spinal Tumor
    (28) Sqamous Cell CArcimona
    (29) Thyriod Cancer
    (30) Uterine Cancer
    For all cancer patients that lives in American region, Asia, Europe and the world at large, go get your Cannabis oil by

    contacting: [email protected] or via Website:

  13. Tommy is absolutely right on the money. These people have everyone so brainwashed we trustingly accept the idea that something that grows quite free and wild must be controlled and taxed. After all they are the government, and they only have our best interests at heart, right? But this is the whole reason it is not legal, because if pot allowed everyone to see how badly we are getting screwed by the government.., well they would begin asking some very inconvenient questions. No, much better to let us pickle our brains with alcohol, or choke out on cigarettes.

    BTW I think it stinks that Tommy's health was compromised by locking him up for some bullshit charge, in a prison built on a toxic waste dump till he got cancer. I wonder how many other innocent citizens are they callously killing this way.

    God Bless you Tommy, I wish you the best of health and a long happy life.

  14. Why do so many people like a video that is so misleading? It does not say anything about him being 99% cancer free, let alone from Simpson's oil.

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