1. Marijuana is illegal the same reason heroin is illegal. Heroin is a schedule 1 drug just like pot. But heroin is an opiate like Vicodin Oxycontin codeine morphine and all of those other ones. The reason why heroin is schedule 1 because it comes from the poppy plant. The reason why a Vicodin and oxycontin are not is because they've been synthesized in the lab and since it's hard for humans to synthesize things they can sell it to us. Same concept with pot. They do not want us to be able to cure ourselves or help ourselves they simply want us to be a consumer. They want us to use their drugs thinking that it's going to help us when in fact it does not. Not saying all of the pharmaceutical drugs are bad but the majority of them are.

  2. Mr. Botticelli is either deceived or a deceiver. Most of us already know it's about the big pharma, they are losing billions of dollars because marijuana and other herbs such as Kratom actually work better than anything they are selling.

  3. The sad and horrifying truth is there are medicines to heal every major disease we have, but the pharmaceutical companies, the government, and other greedy organizations are driven by power and money, there is no money in healthy people, so they keep us sick, give us drugs that don't work, or don't work well, while leaching as much money as they can from us. Some people are just evil. That's why they are trying to illegalise Kratom, that's why they legalized marijuana, cocaine is actually healthy for you if you chew the leaves and don't add all of the poisons to it in manufacturing, chewing the leaves actually is good for you, these are the secrets people won't tell you, because most people don't know, and the people who do know are either scrutinized or they are the people trying to hide the medicine from us. Go ahead and look at how cocaine is processed, they add gasoline, sometimes even paint thinner, that's what kills you.

  4. I'm pretty sure those seizures are from the vaccines. I didn't have seizures until I took vaccines when I was in my early teenage years. After the vaccines I started getting seizures and symptoms of Aspergers.

  5. Big pharma sees medical marijuana as a threat, because they will not be able to make as much money with their medications and procedures. It's the same thing with Kratom, I couldn't get out of bed in the mornings, I was taking multiple medications, I was literally dying, kratom saved my life.

  6. Wow, ya its all true, cannabis hasnt made anyone more stupid except that window when they faded lol, but alcohol is where all the real stupid things happen that kill people etc. The only deaths associated with cannabis is the outlaw part of it and the police that do,more harm then good. Its not about how good it is its all bout the rich people making,money off of their fake and herbal+fake medicine .

  7. people still going to prison for cannabis while " Purdue the big Pharma industry" sells Oxycontin killing millions for no reason at all !!!! it is a marketing criminal political system like the prohibition, the price will rise and the mafia and industry will make Billions $$ per month….
    Oxycontin is Heroin, and Heroin is sulfate morphine, and sulphate morphine is Oxycontin and doctors prescribe it for a toothache and a headache…( the more the doctors prescribe and the more money they get from " Purdue "….welcome in the criminal Evil world…..of the USA
    There is so much money , there can buy anyone everywhere….

  8. I smoke weed on the regular basis and ever since i stop drinking getting angry and arrested all the time i didnt start gaining weight till i started smoking and not to mention its made me into a spiritual and intellectual mind beleave it or no i remember what i saw when i was brought back to life do to the pot i consumed on the regular basis you want to know the afterlife i have answers in my possession aquired from a higher source i discovered the secrete to immortality thanks to the pot and honestly i personaly think pot shouldnt have restrictions world wide after my experience

  9. There is no money in a cure. Cannabis is the cure for almost any illness, mental or physical. Fuck the government. This prohibition of cannabis needs to end NOW

  10. They are just shit scared you won't go to work and tow the line .. that's the best thing about canabliss the.. fuck it.. attitude you get from smoking it……Eeeeasssy….

  11. optoptic cell suicide induced by THC cure to cancer from cannabis plants but mainly the THC oil is the medical component to be cancer free and as cancer is a killing tool of the government to keep middle class funding cancer product's while the lower class developes cancer through eating food that is grown and covered in pesticide, and preservatives, artificial additives that do not let the food break down natural during ingestion and the preservatives are artificial non natural acuring being but in our bodies and build in our bodies system till it causes havoc on our cells and the begin to mutate and become cancerous,, real food goes off and if left in its natural environment goes off quick that is real food that has not been contaminated please people don't buy cheap food what's saving u in your pocket is costing u in your health also wash your food thoroughly before cooking and eating and fruit especially wash it all to try get the preservatives off the food ( preservatives are for shelf life not your life!!)

  12. I go through what this lady child is going through its tru. I have had 60 or more attacks in 30 days sometimes thay last longer than 30 min or more from what I was told i smoke and i don't have them at all if I'm smoking the. Government just trying to kill us. With 💊 i was on dilantin and other pills didn't help me like pot remember kill pills not pot

  13. If you don't think cannabis can have any negative effects for some people then you don't understand it very well. I've been mentally addicted to cannabis for about 18 years, and use it almost every day. Cocaine and amphetamines are also mentally addictive alone but they're far more habit forming

  14. It would be great to have Science to understand the story. It is clearly NOT true that vaporizing does not effect the lungs. IF you do the experiment the FACT that you will notice the effect on your lungs , cough , throat will likely be obvious. Now it may not cause cancer but there are concerns. Subjectively to avoid smoking i find eating it is for me terrible, long onset a different effect i do not like, easy to overdose. The whole story about sativa versus Indica, it seems would be better characterized by how much THC versus CBD or other real information, or perhaps the ratio and what about all the other compounds, and the effects of smoking which alters many chemicals, Science would be good, but so far it is still , less than Science.

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