The REAL Reason Why Boeing Stock Won't Crash

If you have been following BA stock recently after the 747 max 8 crash, you probably were wondering why it won’t drop below a certain price range. A lot of …


  1. Thanks for these videos Josh. those 10-k forms are very informative, just went thru a few other companies 10-k's. They pretty much give you hints at what to look for when news comes out imo.

  2. Volume Profile Analysis is the technical indicator that shows you that number. Also, the 200 Daily Average, as well as the prior resistance level from the past year and a half has now become support after being broken to start the year.

  3. At 9:05 you read out the part that mentioned about the “Boeing aircraft type, most notably 717 and 747-8 aircraft” then you said that’s the one that went down. Well the plane that went down in both cases were the 737 Max 8. Not the 747. Also just because they were doing repurchase at $374.30 last October it doesn’t mean that the actual price can’t go below that price. During that little correction before Christmas it actually dropped to $292. Btw, just want to say that I really enjoy your daily stream. I caught it accidentally on the first day you did it on Twitch and been tuning in every day. Keep up the good work! Yallah lol

  4. Wow! (first reaction) Whoa! (second reaction) But? (third reaction) Isn't it the 737 Max, not the 747 that is in question? Either way, fabulous gumshoe work, Josh! Also, The Atlantic had a great article out yesterday about the the 737 Max. I'll post that link tomorrow in the stream. Thanks!

  5. This actually makes the case for a conspiracy theory more! They bought at that level and they will not let it drop lower our they lose money. That's not conspiracy theory? Not a fixed market? All markets are manipulated. Boeing owns our govt. That why faa didn't ban the planes and Trump did. Now Boeing can say the faa said or planes are safe it was Trump that took our planes out of commission!

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