1. I've clean clean from heroin since October 4th 2017! However, it is still an every day battle! I still fight cravings, have vivid drug dreams & still have post-acute withdrawal symptoms from time to time. I am so grateful i no longer live this way. Being a drug addict in active addiction is a full time job in itself! Thank god i got away from that shit & the people that use. It took me moving 5 hours away from my hometown to finally get off of that shit. It is the devil. It only wants your life.

  2. Bunch of fucking retarded donkeys. There is no excuse anymore, my generation should know better by now. We've grown up with such a massive amount of research and testimonies compared to earlier generations, clearly showing that drugs have a success rate of 0%.
    At least earlier generations was less aware of the consequences, but now everyone knows before they start that this is a egotistical escape from reality that ultimately will do nothing, making it even more egotistical to the point of pathetic

  3. The point of this documentary is not lost on me, and I will definitely be praying for everyone involved
    I love the way they talk, very fun & interesting compared to American language

  4. Why is this drug addict mothers are getting pregnant and raising more addicts? We're basically the little copies of our parents. There’s no way to get away from the drugs if you are live with crackhead parents. They’re fucking their unborn babies lives and there is nothing we can do about this.

  5. They should put another sign for like or dislike the video, it's almost like I'm giving "thumbs up" 👍 to such sadness. There should be a 👆 meaning i liked the video, but hate what's going on.

  6. I don't want to take away from how incredible this piece is, it remains one of my favorite pieces of work on YouTube, but where the hell do you get a two liter of beer? I can buy 40's all day in the US, but I've never seen a two liter at my local liquor stores.

  7. I mean..aparr from allthe disturbing shit..asif it wsnt enough..thr this junkie girl whoz worried her botfriend might be jackin off to her mother!!!!!! Ugh too much…

  8. A lot of people are demons passing for human beings. The type of behavior in this video is quite normal for them. Why he said black people taking their place? He knows black people are complete human beings.

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