Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont

www.tedxfremont.com Currently 100 million Americans are pre-diabetic or diabetic, and one in three kids born after the year 2000 will develop diabetes.


  1. The Japanese diet works primarily through caloric restriction they don’t eat half as much is when Americans eat on a daily basis there are noodles that they consume are extremely greasy and they consume large amounts of fish. Far from a vegan diet.

  2. He says the ADA approves of his recommendations. The ADA says diabetes is a progressive disease and their recommendations will prove and ensure that diabetes progresses! Critical thinking says that if I find false, a major claim that he makes, then I should NOT listen to him.

  3. There are different types of diabetes
    He's honing in on one but never mentions that fact or the other types, which only boosts the social stigmas that people whose "keys" really don't work have to deal with

  4. He says vegetable oils should be avoided – really? Isn't olive oil a vegetable oil, and isn't it really good for your heart? What happened to Mediterranean cuisine? The Japanese eat a lot of fermented food not applicable to the Western palate. The first step is to abolish sugar, the second to reduce quantities, surely?

  5. I might not be right, but my understanding is that both WFPB (or HCLF) and Keto can both reverse IR and T2D by different methods.
    WFPB by reducing Free Fatty Acids in the cells which inhibit the Insulin Receptors.
    Keto by lowering the Blood Sugars.
    Though I know that long term high Blood Glucose causes IR, I've been trying to find the mechanism that switches off the Insulin Receptors, and all i've found so far is that it's the FFA's in the cells which come primarily from Saturated Fats. Lower these and u reverse IR.
    If anyone knows better I'd love to hear from u..

  6. Eskimos are (or were) carnivores and did well. We have a pancreas to digest carbs and a bile duct to digest fats and both combine to do proteins. But our teeth and mouths are designed for eating cooked foods and for speaking for communication.
    We are designed for working and for doing battle. No other animal likes to work or battle like humans like to do.

  7. Saturated fats and cholesterol do not cause clacking of arteries. He doesn't even address this. This sounds like a junior college thesis argument. With all due respect, ridiculous Notions sir

  8. Lol… veganism to cure diabetes. Jesus christ now I've heard everything. You wanna fix insulin problems? Reduce carbs to 10% or less of your diet, eat two bowls (4 cups) of healthy greens every day, drink water, and take a B1 supplement. That's ALL you have to do. You'll be sick for a week while your body adapts to using less carb fuel and then it's smooth sailing.

    Once you lose your weight, that you DO have because you're a diabetic and that's how it works, you can increase carbs to 20-25%. Problem solved for life in one paragraph, just nut up and do it, make these big sugar companies go bankrupt, they deserve it.

  9. Thank you Dr. Barnard! A1C was 11.9% and four months and twenty days later it's at a 5.1%. Not to mention the body change – Everyone asked me what I was doing and could they do it too. Dr. Barnard is a champion!

  10. This is a very engaging talk. However, is someone is a strict vegan but drinks several regular sodas per day, they are still likely to get diabetes. He doesn't seem to address sugar consumption.

  11. This guy is wrong. All of the evidence shows low carbohydrate diet reduces the effect and symptoms of diabetes. He claims being a vegetarian is the answer for diabetes.

    There is a YouTube channel where a guy eats various foods and measure his blood sugar after one hour. When he eats meat or eggs or animal products it does not elevate his blood sugar. When he eats "healthy" whole wheat bread or a bowl of raisin bran, his blood glucose level skyrockets to dangerous levels. Nothing more conclusive than that.

  12. This only addresses type two diabetes, and this is not made clear, which could mislead people with type one who are not well informed. And not all carnivores need big sharp teeth for ripping apart flesh, and limbs for catching prey: just take a look at snakes!

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