Punjab battles heroin addiction

The prosperous northern Indian state of Punjab is in the grip of a worsening drug abuse crisis. It’s estimated more than half of all rural households are home to at …


  1. Injecting or smoking which withdrawals will be more pain? Will the withdrwal symptoms be the same for low dose and high doses?? Can lowering the dose can help quitting

  2. SIkhs in punjab need to educate themselves more about the dangers of drug addiction. At the end of the day nobody is physically forcing people to smoke or inject heroin. Nobody is holding a gun to peoples heads making them do it. We need to take some responsibility and ask ourselves why are sikhs and hindus in punjab taking these substances. It's not only sikhs taking it hindus are on it too. It's easy to blame everybody else but at the end of the day the answer to controlling this situation is with the people of punjab. More educational services need to be available and started from young age so that the MINDSET is correct in punjabis. If the mindset is right then they won't take these addictive and dangerous substances. Lack of money, lack of jobs, the government, greater influx of drugs, yes these are all factors but the biggest factors are lack of drug education, lack of willpower and believe it or not BOREDOM. With little direction and focus its easy to say yes to drugs when they are offered to you by 'friends.' The fact is punjab is geographically in a location where it is not that far from massive plantations of poppy fields in nearby afganistan, pakistan and rural india. But we need to get the mindset correct such that no matter how easily available this substance is, not to ever take it. If the goverment doesnt help then punjabis need to take their own initiative and start doing more educate children from a young age, set up their own rehabilitation centres, promote more exercise in daily routine, open more gyms, harsher jail sentences for drug dealers and drug suppliers, reopen more sports and pehlwan (traditional wrestling clubs) and importantly instill sikh values into youth. People forget that drugs like opium have been around north india/pakistan for thousands of years and were even used during and after battle to reduce pain. Why didn't so many sikhs/punjabis in the past become addicted like today? Because in the past their inner values were held strong and men had their minds occupied with trying to survive so they didnt have time to get bored and start using these drugs recreationally and become addicts. I'm saying lets try and find solutions rather than just looking for other people to blame all the time.

  3. Yeah and getting rid of oxy roxi etc in the USA isn't going to fix shit! Only going to force everyone to go on to heroin! now easier to find than the fkn oxycotin wich at least ya do not need a needle to make work! Its BIOA. is a lot higher orally. but heroin more like morphine works only best via IV ROA! so all they're doing is turning this pain pill epidemix into a heroin epidemic which can still be smoked and snorted eaten but doesnt work nearly as well n well end up costing more cuz u need use about 10x more for jut not even getting high but just trying to stave off WD which inevitably happens so many hrs after the last dose no matter what! No matter the level of addiction! No matter what period. taking the pill away will result in only more heroin use!

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  6. I'm a recreational junky in the West and keep my shit together but fuck I am so jealous of these cunts getting sch banging gear in high potency, quantity for piss cheap prices.

  7. It's not only India that has a problem with heroin, the US has 146 people die every day, the UK has a big problem Russia France and many other countries in the world, Switzerland had a problem with people taking heroin so they started to give heroin to long time users, it solved the problem there, you stop the dealers cutting it with all kinds of shit, plus all the crimes that are done and the woman that end up on the game.

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