1. I have a strong anti marijuana stance except for medicinal uses only ,however, I approve the use of psychedelics such as LSD, DMT, 5 Meo DMT and Psilocybin.

    So what do you people think of my stance? Is it bullshit? I want criticism.

  2. i just realized something these voices on the phone symbolize a dystopian future when everyone is brainwashed. The doctor says find me and this brings a whole new meaning to this, they want people off pot by spreading lies and that the pot kids will have to go to big pharma which is just a small click in the machine.

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  4. My dad was a 6th grade teacher and I used to watch this every time I visited his classroom back in the mid to late 90's. For some reason I always loved it. This clip has been edited quite a bit to make it freakier and weirder than it was. One of many examples would be at the end of the clip when he says while pointing down, "And this". In the actual film he says "Just use this…your mind…and THIS…your heart." Then the music cues. I'm still trying to find a VHS version, the copy my dad had is sadly long gone.

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