1. While I liked this video at first, after some research I think this vid is misleading. There is no reference to Rick Simpson, which to me is a gross omission, particularly because Rick speaks of specific Cannabis strains as being the best for cancer cure. The interview has almost no info on the dosage and it seems the vid is posted on YouTube to sell a particular book. The NL org reference in the interview (in Harlem) does not provide (or broker via a doctor) the THC kind of oil that is specifically emphasized by Rick Simpson for the cancer cure. In all, this video puts profit ahead of the cure and should be deleted.

  2. Which Cannabis oil did he use (Website would be nice) ,what quantity, and how administered would also be nice to know.Also, it's always nice to know if he used different brands and why he settled on that particular one.I was also a bit confused on what he was saying on impotence. Was impotence caused by the operation or by the hormone treatment? Did he suffer from that? Thanks!

  3. This is awesome. Can anyone tell me if the oil causes freak outs? I suffer from anxiety and OCD, so THC can make me go a bit fucked, which isn't pleasant, so tend to stick to medical strains with high cbd. Also, I wonder how the oil was administered? COnsidering the cancer had spread to many parts of his body at that point.

  4. Alot of black gooey iso hash out there , claiming its oil, but when lit it sparkles and burns black soot, its all the contaminents watch out , it should be ppl b4profits

  5. This is false in my opinion because whenever I'm smoking a lot of weed/hash it messes with my prostate I constantly have to go to the bathroom but when I quit I go back to normal

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